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Java Word Count - Word Count Example in Java


Too good
this example is too good,even all materials also too good 

This is a great beauty. My utmost thanks. 

Well Done
I am very impressed by the way you simplify your codes. Keep it up 

string manipulation
how to create a program that a name will change to a number? for example a letter a=1,b=2,c=3,d=4. . . input: ab output: 3  

c program
sir please give me w.a.p in a c program count the number of lines words characters in the given input and important programs list give me iam studying in m.c.a in A.N.U please give me please give me ......... thankyou sir bye  

Merge Sort optimization
Hi Can you please suggest some optimization for this merge sort code. Thanks Amna 

one problem
when i tried your program in my computer, it works perfectly while reading .java files, but when i use the program to read .doc or .docx files, it gives me some random numbers for lines, words and characters. could you please help with that. thank 

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Java Word Count - Word Count Example in Java
Java Word Count - Word Count Example in Java  ...;}   } } Download Word count Example... to count the number of lines, number of words and number of characters 

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