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Open Source Outlook

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Hi, I wonder if you can help me, I need an ope
Hi, I wonder if you can help me, I need an open source software that will enable the people withing the company to share their calendors in outlook. I would really appreciate it if you would have some recommendations for me. Thanks. Good da 

I am looking for open source calender software in
I am looking for open source calender software in, please let me know. 

Activity based appointment scheduler for desktop
Does anyone know of a non-hosted (desktop) solution that can schedule appointments for services like doctor or beauty salon visits with automatic checking of the free/busy status of underlying resources (service providers, rooms equipment) and applic 

Outlook data transfer
I am delighted to read your intent with this site. While there are a few issues that I have with Linux as my productivity machine (mainly associated with a lack of familiarity) the killer for me is transferring over a decade of Outlook data to a L 

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