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Struts Tutorials

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nice tutorial
nice tutorial 

Very nice material it is.
Very nice material it is. 

i need to know how to communicate with ajax and
i need to know how to communicate with ajax and struts and hibernate 

hi, The tutorial is very useful. but im lookin
hi, The tutorial is very useful. but im looking for i18n use for other languages. example (how to use other language in properties file/how to get from the resourse bundle). Plz send an reply mail  

validation struts
Validationn not working 

u can go through the strutsi internalization concepts. for this u have to go for some process.u have to 1.create the properties-file with application_language.properties 2.configure the properties in struts-config.xml files 3.change the local setti 

santosh kumar
it is a long procedure u have to follow 1.create a class 2.define static method boolean true and false value 3.after that u have to copy five parameters 4.import org.apache.commans.validators.utils.validatorsutils package u have to import 5.af 

There are two ways to communicate with the database in struts 1.struts with database 2.struts with DBCP is it correct 100% but which one is very use ful if the application uses ordinary databse quries or DBCP 

here two check box are having ,i want only one check box is selcted ,second checkbox is disabled or second checkbox is selected then first is disabled  

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