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sendRedirect In JSP

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Thank you very,It solve my big problem. thanks alot once again.  

sendRedirect in sruts
hello, this is musthafa, i hav a doubt in struts that how can we use sendRedirect() in struts n if used where it shud be use. please reply me. 

why not frowrad in the above example?
Cant we use forward standard action here?and why if we cant? Where to use forward action and where sendRedirect() 

Hi All, I have one doubt that is what is the necessity to use response.sendRedirect() in JSP. 

login problem
i m using same mechanism for login. but clicking "back" button of browser on next page, login page is displayed, again clicking forward button on login page, next page is displayed which is undesirable. plz let me to fix the problem. 

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sendRedirect In JSP
sendRedirect In JSP          sendRedirect() method is a method.... In sendRedirect() the object of request will be generated again with the location of page 

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sendRedirect In JSP
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Sendredirect In Servlet
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be handle by other servlet or jsp. Then the servlet calls the sendRedirect() method of the response object and sends back the response to the browser along... sendRedirect       

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how to use sendRedirect in doGet method in jsp?
how to use sendRedirect in doGet method in jsp?  i am getting problem in jsp that when we are directly writing address to a jsp page in addressbar the jsp page should redirect it to the html page.   can any one tell me 

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