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The pageEncoding Attribute of page Directive In JSP


what is GBK stands for? 

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The pageEncoding Attribute of page Directive In JSP
The pageEncoding Attribute of page Directive In JSP... illustration about the pageEncoding attribute of the page directive in JSP...;head><title>Example of pageEncoding attribute of page directive in JSP 

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The "pageEncoding" attribute of JSP page directive
of a JSP property group whose URL pattern matches the page. The pageEncoding... of pageEncoding attribute of page directive in JSP.</title></head>...The "pageEncoding" attribute of JSP page directive In this section 

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Page Directive attribute - pageEncoding
Page Directive attribute - pageEncoding This tutorial contains description of pageEncoding attribute of page Directive. pageEncoding Attribute : Page directive provides pageEncoding attribute to specify the language that the page uses 

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