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JSP Locale

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Number of times I got solution for complex queries here.. thank u very much 

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JSP Locale
JSP Locale          JSP Locale is used to get the preferred locale... illustrate you how to get the locale from the jsp page. The locale.jsp include a page 

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thanks - JSP-Servlet
thanks   thanks sir i am getting an output...Once again thanks for help 

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thanks - JSP-Servlet
thanks  thanks sir its working 

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Activity display dynamically depend on the locale on Struts
Activity display dynamically depend on the locale on Struts  i want... and that depend on the Locale (like English or French) . dynamically means user... (activities) depending on the locale: arraylist.add(new ListItem("Activity 

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about using cookies in JSP at JSP Cookies Example tutorial page. Thanks...Locale Specific Date validations through JavaScript/Ajax...  Hi, I am developing an JSP Application which supports I18N(Internationalization). In my 

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thanks - Development process
thanks  thanks for sending code for connecting jsp with mysql. I have completed j2se(servlet,jsp and struts). I didn't get job then i have learnt.... please help me. thanks in advance 

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Java Locale
Java Locale  How will you load a specific locale?   Hi Friend, A locale is the part of a user's environment that brings together.../java/javadate/locale-format.shtml 

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What is the Locale class?
What is the Locale class?  What do you understand about locale class in java program. thanks,   Hi, The Locale class in Java is Java... region. IN Java computing, locale describes a set of parameters to classify 

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JSP  Hi, What is JSP? What is the use of JSP? Thanks   Hi, JSP Stands for Java Server Pages. It is Java technology for developing web applications. JSP is very easy to learn and it allows the developers to use Java 

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jsp  how to connect the database with jsp using mysql   Hi Friend, Please visit the following links: