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JSP Request URI

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what is a URI
I'll bite - so what is a URI? And why would you want to return it? I know what a URL is.  

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JSP Request URI
JSP Request URI          JSP Request URI is used to return the URI... the request object that will return the URI of the current JSP page. Understand 


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Java URI       Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is used to name or identify a resource. URI can...). So every URL is a URI, but not every URI is a URL. URI object can represent 

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Request Object In JSP     ... to the server, is received by the HTTP request object of the JSP. To access... of the request object used for getting the URI of the current page 

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Request header display in a jsp page  ... to display request header information in a jsp page. When user request... to a jsp. In this example, request_header_jsp.jsp is used to display header 

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request object  What is Difference Between request.getHeader("x-forwarded-for") and request.getServerName() pls give me reply as soon as possible 


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Java Servlet : Get URI Example In this section, we will discuss about the getRequestURI() method of the request object. getRequestURI : getRequestURI() method is used to display the information of the URI of current page from 

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Request for Discussion forum in jsp  Hi i want discussion forum to my project. Can anyone tell me, what are all requirements needed to create it. THanks in advance 

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difference. If different then what are the differences?   Hi friend, element forwards the request object containing the client request information from one JSP file to another file.This will redirect to the different page without 

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JSP  how did you implement caching in jsp   OSCache... organization. OSCache has a set of JSP tags that make it easy to implement page caching in your JSP application. Following are some Cache techniques 


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Convert URI to URL      ... Identifier (URI) reference to uniform resource locator (URL). Here we are give... in the example we make a  URI object and a URL object. After that we pass a URI

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