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JSP Request.getContextPath( )

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Why v use getsession()? 

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request header and response  hi sir, i have facing some problem in this qustion:- Create a servlet that accept a name and a phone number... in session using an arraylist.  Hi Friend, Please visit 

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JSP - Session  How to manage session in JSP 

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session   explain sessioln tracking in jsp and display program 

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jsp request in struts1  how the request for a JSp is processed in Struts1?Any JsP page in the end a servlet only.where is the URL pattern for this servlet 

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JSP Session Parameter rewrite   ... in jsp. JSP session provides methods like getCreationtime(), getLastAccessedTime... illustrates you how to show session parameters in jsp. Here is the code 

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Request Object In JSP     ... to the server, is received by the HTTP request object of the JSP. To access... either in the current JSP page or the another JSP page by passing the request 

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session  how to implement login-logout session????   Please.../Logout.shtml http://www.roseindia.net/jsp/javascriptpagerefresh.shtml http://www.roseindia.net/jsp/loginstatus.shtml http://www.roseindia.net/struts/struts2/struts2 

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JSP Request Object  JSP Request Object ?   request object in JSP is used to get the values that the client passes to the web server during an HTTP request. The request object is used to take the value from the client?s 

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sends the same session ID along with each request. If some of the JSP pages... Disabling Session in JSP  ...; In this tutorial you will learn how to disable session creation in the JSP pages 

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Request for codes  Sir , I am an engineering student i am interested in learning JAVA also i need some example code for creating Registration form codes for creating web based application using JSP sir plz send me which 

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