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C Goto Statement

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types of goto statements
what about types of goto statements ?  

thank u.i can better use the goto statement now n i understand it very good 

about goto staments
its very useful,thank u 

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Goto Statement: The goto operator is used to jump to another line or section... by a colon. In PHP there are few constraints in goto statements, like we can... inside a loop/switch structure using goto statement. You may jump out 

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C Goto Statement
C Goto Statement       This section explains you the concept of 'goto' statement in C.  The goto statement is a jump statement which jumps from one point to another point 

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GOTO Statement in java  I have tried many time to use java goto statement but it never works i search from youtube google but e the example on net are also give compile error. if possible please give me some code with example 


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