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JPA Native Queries, JPA Native Queries Tutorials


i searched for native query and this is the best site that give me enough informations about it. by the way please insert some examples with parameters 

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JPA Native Queries, JPA Native Queries Tutorials
JPA Native Queries       In this section, you will know about the jpa native queries and how to use native query in your JPA application.  JPA Native Queries: JPA native 


JPA Examples
queries in JPA.   JPA Native Queries : Here you will find the examples which will demonstrate you how to execute Native queries in JPA.   JPA... query methods example, example for executing queries, JPQL aggregate functions 


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Native Queries In this section, you will know about the jpa native queries...;  JPA Aggregates In JPQL (Java Persistence Query Language) queries... have provided examples of EJB QL, JPA Native Query, JPA Named query, JPA 

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Hibernate Native vs Hibernate JPA
Hibernate Native vs Hibernate JPA  What is the difference between Hibernate Native vs Hibernate JPA?   Hibernate is ORM framework which you... provider in JPA applications. Thanks   Hibernate is ORM framework which you 

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JPA 2.1 New Features
to the the Criteria API added Enhancements to the mapping of native queries... for native queries: Added for better performance and better results...This section is explaining you the new features of JPA 2.1. The JPA 2.1 

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JPA Sub-Queries
JPA Sub-Queries       In this section, you will see how to use sub-queries in your JPA... components in a single query. JPA Sub-queries:  Query query 

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What is JPA 2.1?
between object model and the relational databases. JPA API queries the data...What is JPA 2.1? What are the new features of JPA 2.1? This tutorial will introduce you with the JPA 2.1 specification. You will also learn the new features 


JPA Named Queries
JPA Named Queries       In this section, you will know about the JPA Named Queries...;) }) For developing JPA Named Queries, you need the following files 

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JPA Framework
, you can get details about the JPA Framework with suitable examples on the below links. http://www.roseindia.net/jpa/eclipsejpaexamples/index.shtml You can visit...JPA Framework  Hi, Can someone tell me about the JPA Framework 

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JPA 2.1 Tutorial
/Criteria enhancements - Now JPA 2.1 supports arithmetic sub-queries, generic...Learn the new features of JPA 2.1 and understand how to use the new features of JPA 2.1 The Java Persistence API Version 2.1 or simply JPA 2.1 is part of JEE 

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