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J2ME Random Number

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i want to generate the random number 1 to 6.  

J2ME - Random().NextFloat(). Is there a bug?
I've analysed the numbers generated by J2me Random.NextFloat() with Arena's Input Analyzer utilit in order to know if we can trust that the output data fit a uniformly distributed float value between 0.0 and 1.0. However, it seems that usually the sa 

code of j2me 

You need to call setSeed() before nextFloat()! Or set the seed via the Random(...) constructor. 

thanks for this program 

i'm build faid with yaur source code
Project settings saved Building "RandomNumber" C:\WTK22\apps\RandomNumber\src\RandomNumber.java:46: cannot find symbol symbol : method nextfloat() location: class java.util.Random float f = number.nextfloat(); ^ 1 

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