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J2ME Hello World Example

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How to Run The Hello world Program in Eclipse 3.4.
Hello , Im New to J2ME , I see the Sample Hello World Program Code , but How to Run the Program . Give me a guide .. Thank you. 

Too summaric
From a beginer perspective I like to have a step by step,including the handling of the IDE, not just the bare source code, to get the tutorial going. 

xlnt code for this.try to minimise the code for relevant examples thnq ------teja 

import javax.microedition.lcdui.*; import javax.microedition.midlet.*; public class HelloWorld extends MIDlet{ private Form form; private Display display; public HelloWorld(){ super(); } public void startApp(){ form = 

Can you provide some more examples regarding the games in the mobile applications 

first thanks for your tutorial about j2me how i can do an operation of routing on sim card or mobile? do this operation by j2me? 

thank you your web site is great have good time mrns ENGINEER software good luck 

I got the error like this, ProGuard was unable to obfuscate - got return value [1]. 

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