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Creating Hyperlink using GWT

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HyperLink to remain in same URL
Suppose if i do not want to open any URL and should remain in same URL Like For Example im in Example Window and on click of Hyperlink i want to chnage the TextBox value but should remain in same Example Window then what should be done. I do not 

HistoryListener interface is Deprecated. use History.addValueChangeHandler( instead.. 

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of hyperlink   . request.getContextPath() is used to return the portion of the request URL and specifies the context of the request. You have to put the servlet url of desired servlet as href="< 

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;/b></td><% Connection con = null; String url = "jdbc:mysql... = DriverManager.getConnection(url+db,"root","root"); try{ Statement st 


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; Creating Hyperlink using GWT This example describes the Basics for building the Hyperlink using GWT.   Creating Composite Widgets using GWT... in the Java programming language.   Creating Menu using GWT This example