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Creating Array Objects in JavaScript with JSON



Hello! I'm use this example on my web-cite. Tnx! 

bug in example code
1) document.writeln should be inside a body tag and not inside head 2) missing a ";" (var i=0 should be... var i=0;) 3) missing quotes around attributes of some of your TD (example... width=50 should be width="50") 4) missing begining "{" in 

Minute correction to make the above code work
<html> <head> <title> Array JSON-JavaScript Example </title> <script language="javascript" > var students = { "Maths" : [ {"Name" : "Amit", // First element "Marks" : 

This array doesn't work for me, it just returns: Using Array of objects via JSON in JavaScript. 

Code error
In the Science array object before starting the second element there should be a '{'. 

You're missing a bracket before "Name" for Santosh { "Name" : "Shaili", // First Element "Marks" : 56, "age" : 27 },  

Great job.
Well done this tutorial is quite helpful. 

'{' bracket missing
in students variable 

Nice tutorial
Nice tutorial. Your download-able HTML for the page works however the code that actually appears on the website doesn't. The JavaScript must be placed in the body because the document.write is writing to the head section. Additionally, as the other p 

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