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Accessing XML file from Java

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System.out.println("Last Name :"+((Node)lastName.item(0).getNodeValue()); in the code is wrong It will not work in SOLARIS Env. 

Error in example
Line 29 ans line 34 are incorrect. There should be a extra ') before "getNodeValue()" 

Code correction is simple
Hi, Just add a closing ) to the cast to Node: +((Node)lastName.item(0)).getNodeValue());  

about site
this is really a very good site for learning 

Thanks a lot
Thanks a lot for your tutorials! They are very helpful. 

it's a typo, that's all
only a missing close brace System.out.println("Last Name :"+((Node)lastName.item(0)).getNodeValue()); 

Useful tutorial on how to read data from a xml file.  

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