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Java Interview Questions - Page 8


How to differntiate a Abstrat class and interface
How to differntiate a Abstrat class and interface method.Mostly similar.Where to use a Abstrat method and Where to use interface concept 

about java
pls post some projects,and detail in java and in advance 

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Interface in JAVA  How interface fulfills all th facilities which.... To sort out this flaw java has provided Interface which supports the Multiple... on the Interface. http://www.roseindia.net/java/java-exception/create-interface.shtml 

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marker interface  how to create our owen marker interface ? can u give me one example  Hi Friend, Try the following code: interface markerImp { } class MarkerTest implements markerImp{ } public class 

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java bits 8  Assume that country is set for each class. Given: 10. public class Money { 11. private String country, name; 12. public getCountry() { return country; } 13.} and: 24. class Yen extends Money { 25. public 

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Interface  Respected sir why we use Interface in java? because we... be an instance of a class that implements the interface. public Object findLargest... can still mark the class as abstract. Developing by interface helps in object 

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INTERFACE  Why Use Interface in Java?i want region ?plz post answer   Hi Friend, Interfaces form a contract between the class... the methods of the interface are implemented with the correct signature.Interfaces 


Java 8 consumer class(interface) example
How to use the Java 8 consumer class(interface)? In this example program I will show you how you can use the consumer interface of the Java 8 to iterate.... The Consumer is a functional interface added to the Java 8 which is used to assign 

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JAVA INTERFACE  Can Any Interface will have inner classes... Whether an interface be final????  Hi friend, Yes, as for example, public interface TestInterface { // Inner class inside an interface 

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.  Hi friend, Marker interface : In java language programming... more information on Marker interface visit to : http://www.roseindia.net/java...Marker Interface   Hi Deepak, Marker interface means 

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interface variables  why interface variables are final? explain me... modifier ensures the value assigned to the interface variable is a true constant...,class implementations can change value of fields. Then they would become a part 

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ABSTRACTION AND INTERFACE  When Use Abstract?When Use Interface ?I... to allow any one to create object of our class, we define the class as abstract. When... the following links: http://www.roseindia.net/help/java/a/abstract-keyword.shtml 

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