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Developing Struts Hibernate Plugin


hi 2 all. hello world! It is nice site. Keep wor
hi 2 all. hello world! It is nice site. Keep working! best regards i found you here http://google.com ^^ 

nice and usefull to me. i want more information r
nice and usefull to me. i want more information regarding hibernate thanks mahesh 

Hi, good one to beginners. regards raju
Hi, good one to beginners. regards raju 

It was nice and useful to novice people
It was nice and useful to novice people 

When I download and inplement your code I am getting the following error!! java.lang.NullPointerException at roseindia.web.SearchTutorialAction.execute(SearchTutorialAction.java:40) at org.apache.struts.action.RequestProcessor.processActionPerfo 

Struts-hibernate -intergration
Code is useful ,but it give null pointer exception...plse slove this ..when run thanks in advance raghavendra 

Very useful
Hi, I found this tutorial very useful for integrating hibernate with struts. Regards 

Good one
Code is useful, but try to add execute() template where the actual session factory will going to use.  

Struts-Hibernate plugin element blocking page
I am writing a struts-hibernate plugin. I wrote a plugin for hibernate and inserted the plugin tag in struts-config.xml. I am getting the error " The requested resource (/strutshibernate) is not available." If I don't insert the plugin statement the  

is it necessary to use pulgin to integrate struts
is it necessary to use pulgin to integrate struts and hibernate 

Nice article
Hi, This was really a very nice article. Cheers, Ujjwal B Soni  

Best way to kick start Hibernate
REALLY good article ... just kick started my Hiberante adventure. Worked perfect. Thanks for the Tutorial 

integration problem
getting security and null pointer exception plz help me out 

exception in plugin
Hi, what could be reason of error? 24.05.2009 14:55:25 org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet init SCHWERWIEGEND: Unable to initialize Struts ActionServlet due to an unexpected ex ception or error thrown, so marking the servlet as unavailable 

Nice Artical
This was really a very nice article. It helped me to understanding the intergatation . Thank you so much . Regards -Rupendra  

Hai, I am new to struts, I am not able to run the examples given in this site can any one help me by sending the struts library files thanking you  

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