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How does Email works

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inbox and outbox
i want to manage email services in my web send me solution 

what is the difference between using java mail api and sending a mail through browser(by logging in to the account)? 

How to do the deployment of tibco .ear files by using ant eai script. please give me example for ant script  

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an automatic email to the clients when their accounts are going to expire in 30... in the mysql database. i dont know how to achieve this one,please help me sir. thanks    Exact I dont how you approach your application 

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How does Email works
How does Email works       Each Internet domain has email Server, when a user sends an Email… Email client Program sends the message to Email server. Email 

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INBOX STRUCTURE  Please someone help me by telling how an inbox will be created to display dynamic records. Using oracle, jsp, servlets, javascript. If you can send me format for this,hat will be a great help for me 

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how to make this java mail works?  Dear experts, Recently, I... ); } } public static void sendShipped(String email, String orderId ) { try { Message msg = getMessage( email 

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email  how do i code for making clicking a send button sends a email