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Hosted E-Commerce Solution

In this article we are explaining how to choose best Hosted E-Commerce Solution.

Hosted E-Commerce Solution

In this article we will explain Hosted E-Commerce Solution and tell you how to choose the best Hosted E-Commerce Solution. These days due high income in hosting industry many companies are claiming to provide best Hosted E-Commerce Solution. But sometime you may end up in choosing wrong Hosted E-Commerce Solution which will lead to business loss.

In this article we are explaining how to choose right Hosted E-Commerce Solution for running your online shopping portal. You should find robust, reliable and less expensive Hosted E-Commerce Solution.

Following are the important things you should consider while choosing Hosted E-Commerce Solution:

  1. Wizard for e-commerce portal setup:
    You Hosted E-Commerce Solution should provide easy to use wizard for setting-up the e-commerce portal. Wizard should be easy and include all the steps necessary for setting up the full configures E-commerce portal. It should contain easy to understand steps from start to finish.
  2. Many web site templates
    The design of -ecommerce front end is very important. It should be very attractive and easy to use. These should many templates to choose from. The drawback of hosted solution is that it does not allow you to implement your own template. You will have to choose one from existing set.
  3. Product import and export
    The Hosted E-Commerce Solution should provide good interface for importing and exporting the product templates. It should support XML and flat file export and import. The import function will help you in uploading your entire existing product on the shopping portal. This will save your lot of time. Manually adding all the products to the portal is daunting task and requires lot of resource and time. The import and export functionality will help you in increasing your productivity.
  4. Marketing Module
    Your Hosted E-Commerce Solution should have marketing module and includes the support for coupons and bulk discount support. It should have mailing list capabilities. System also supports gifts certificates.
  5. Payment Methods
    It should support almost all the payment methods such as PayPal, Google checkout, to checkout etc. The best Hosted E-Commerce Solution includes all the major online payment systems.
  6. Reporting and Analytics
    The Hosted E-Commerce Solution should provide extensive reporting and also provide the support for google analytics.
  7. Server security
    Your server should be secure and provide the valid SSL certificate. It should also provide option for setting-up your own SSL certificate. The Hosted E-Commerce Solution provider should provide firewall and anti-finishing software on server.
  8. Server availability
    Your Hosted E-Commerce Solution provider provide 99.9% server uptime guarantee. They should have technical team to diagnose server issue. Technical support should available 24x7 to monitor your server.
  9. Plenty of disk space and bandwidth
    The Hosted E-Commerce Solution provider must provide plenty of disk space and huge bandwidth. Database size will grow once your client's starts placing orders. Your database should also perform will even if the database size is huge.

By considering all the above points you should be able to find best Hosted E-Commerce Solution provider for your next shopping portal.


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