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PHP toString Function

In PHP 5.3.0 a method has been introduced called toString(), basic functionality of the method is to print an object, how? current tutorial is trying to focus on this topic.

__toString method in PHP:

In the previous versions of PHP it is not possible to convert an object to a string value, but with the invent of _toString method now it is just a function call away.

This method is called implictly, whenever an object is instantiated we need to pass a string value to the __construct() function (the constructor ) and assign the value to a variable. After instantiation of the object, if we try to print the object, __toString() function is called implicitly and print the value of the member variable.

PHP toString Function Example:


class A


private $var;

public function __construct($var){



public function __toString()


return $this->var;



$obj=new A('Hi');

echo $obj;





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