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PHP list all variables
Posted on: October 31, 2009 at 12:00 AM
In this part of the tutorial we will learn how to list all variables in context of PHP list.And we will also see the example related to the get_defined_vars() function and ArrayObject class

  • PHP all declared and environment variables can be listed
  • get_defined_vars() method returns all the variables in the form of array.
  • The array returned is handles by the class ArrayObject class.

Example of PHP List of all Variables

="new delhi";
= new ArrayObject(get_defined_vars());

($arr1 as $key=>$val)
"<br> key---->".$key." value------>".$val;

key---->GLOBALS value------>Array
key---->_ENV value------>Array
key---->HTTP_ENV_VARS value------>Array
key---->_POST value------>Array
key---->HTTP_POST_VARS value------>Array
key---->_GET value------>Array
key---->HTTP_GET_VARS value------>Array
key---->_COOKIE value------>Array
key---->HTTP_COOKIE_VARS value------>Array
key---->_SERVER value------>Array
key---->HTTP_SERVER_VARS value------>Array
key---->_FILES value------>Array
key---->HTTP_POST_FILES value------>Array
key---->_REQUEST value------>Array
key---->name value------>roseindia
key---->city value------>new delhi


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Posted on: October 31, 2009

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