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MySQL Tutorials

In this MySQL Tutorial you will find many tips and tricks related to MySQL.

This section introduces you with the MySQL Database server.

What is MySQL?

In this section you will learn about the MySQL database server. You will see the features of MySQL database and why it is used in most of the websites.

The MySQL is one of the most used open source free Relational database management system. It can be used to store multiple databases and then allow the access of these databases to different user securely in a multi user environment.

Learn how to take MySQL Backups and restore the same.
Taking the regular backups of database is very important. I this section we will show you how you can take the backups of your MySQL database and tables.
How to rename MySQL table?
In this section you will learn how to rename MySQL table.
In this section you will learn how to rename MySQL database.
Learn how to take the backup of database and then restore it into new database.


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