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Why Apple's iPad Is Better Than A Laptop

Apple's iPad burst onto the market early in 2010 and has been met with enthusiasm from 'i' series fanatics, but on the other hand it has been widely criticized for everything from form to function.
Why Apple’s iPad Is Better Than A Laptop

Apple’s iPad burst onto the market early in 2010 and has been met with enthusiasm from “i” series fanatics, but on the other hand it has been widely criticized for everything from form to function. The truth is that no device can really cater to the needs of every single user out there, but the iPad comes pretty close when compared to other devices in its category. Both laptops and the iPad are designed to be portable, but iPad comes out on top and here’s why.

Size and weight

The iPad weighs at 1.5 pounds (1.6 with Wi-Fi and 3G), and has a height of 9.56 inches, a width of 7.47 inches, and is 0.5 inches thick. This makes the iPad light weight and easy to handle on your lap on a table or even in your hands. A laptop on the other hand is much bulkier and heavier, making carting difficult.

Battery life

If you have seen people on their laptops you may have noticed that they usually have it plugged into a wall. Most laptops have a battery life of around 3 to 4 hours. This defeats the purpose of portability altogether because halfway through the working day you will need to charge it. The iPad on the other hand has a battery life of up to 10 hours, which will easily see you through the day no matter where you are.


While both laptops and the iPad are fitted with Wi-Fi, the iPad is a step up because it has a 3G variant as well. This means that you don’t always have to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to connect to the internet. 3G allows you fast and wireless access to the internet anywhere anytime. So whether you want to reply to important emails or keep up to date with the latest news you can do that with an iPad anywhere.


With an iPad you won’t have to worry about forking out hundreds on fancy antivirus programs and updating them every so often. Most laptops that run Windows require this of the user, which can be a real hassle, especially when one forgets. So, with an iPad your device will definitely be less susceptible to all sorts of viruses.


You may have flashbacks of when your laptop used to take forever to load a program or start up. The iPad starts up immediately and allows you to open and work through programs without taking a lifetime to load. This is perfect if you are always on the go and have a million things to do for your work.


Having an iPad gives you access to all sorts of apps on Apple’s website so you can fill your device with programs whether it is for business pr entertainment. Its larger screen allows you to view and switch between numerous apps at the same time. With a laptop, however, you will often have to pay much more to get the apps you want.


There is no mistaking that the look and feel of the iPad is what attracts many customers. It features sleek lines with a smooth finish, making it a stylish accessory to your working day. This is in contrast to many laptops that are big and bulky with no slim lines to speak of. Further than this there is a range of protective covers available for the iPad that not only protects it, but also makes it great to look at. You can get different finishes from shimmer to mirror, or a more rugged and adventurous look. This allows you to personalise your device so that it fits in with your style.


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