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Page Directive attribute - import

This tutorial contains description of import attribute of page Directive.

Page Directive attribute - import

This tutorial  contains description of import attribute of page Directive.

import  Attribute :

This attribute of page directive imports single package and classes or list of packages and classes . For multiple import you can use comma(,) for separation. By default, jsp container automatically imports java.lang.*, javax.servlet.*, javax.servlet.jsp.*, and javax.servlet.http.*.

Syntax :

<%@ page import="java.sql.*,java.util.*" %>

Example :

importAttribute.jsp -

<[email protected] import="roseindia.ImportExample"%>
<title>Import Attribute</title>

<font size="10" color="orange" style="border-bottom-style: dashed;"> 
ImportExample ex = new ImportExample();
</html> -

package roseindia;

public class ImportExample {
	public String display() {
		return "Hello Roseindia";

Output :



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