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jQuery '.live' & '.die' Mouse events

In this tutorial ,we will discuss about how to remove an event using 'die' mouse event of jQuery.

jQuery '.live'  & '.die' Mouse events

In this tutorial ,we will discuss about how to  remove an event using 'die' mouse event of jQuery. In this Example, we removes the 'click' event of a button by clicking on other button. First button is for enabling event , Second is for removing event and third button is the one whose event are adding & removing.


<!DOCTYPE html>
button { margin:5px; }
button#theone { color:red; background:blue; }
<script src="jquery-1.4.2.js"></script>
<button id="theone">click not working</button>
<button id="bind">Enable Click</button>
<button id="unbind">Disable Click</button>
<br><b><font color="purple">
After enable/disable click , click on blue button to see effect of die event
<div style="display:none; color:red;">Button Clicked!</div>

function aClick() {
$("#bind").click(function () {
$("#theone").live("click", aClick).text("click working");
$("#unbind").click(function () {
$("#theone").die("click", aClick).text("click not working");


Before Clicking :

After Clicking "Enable click" , clicking on blue button gives output :

Download Source Code

Click here to see demo



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