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JavaScript Basic Tutorial

JavaScript Basic Tutorial: In this tutorial you will get to know about the basics of javascript, features of it. Sub pages will let you know javascript in details.

JavaScript Basic Tutorial

JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language, it is dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based language. It was developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape Navigator. At first it was named Mocha, then LiveScript and at last JavaScript. Since Netscape supports Java, that's why the name coined as JavaScript.

JavaScript, though the name has a resemblance with Java, these are unrelated.

Features of JavaScript:

  1. Prototypes: JavaScript uses prototypes instead of classes for inheritance.
  2. Dynamic typing: Like other scripting languages it supports dynamic typing, i.e. types are associated with values, not variables.
  3. Object Oriented Programming: JavaScript supports OOP.
  4. Functions: Functions are first-class, they are objects themselves.
  5. Imperative and Structured: Most of the syntax of JavaScript is like 'C', except few like expressions, statements, and semicolon insertion.
  6. Run time environment: JavaScript depends on the run time environment, i.e. web browsers.
  7. Regular expressions: JavaScript supports regular expression     


JavaScript Hello World
JavaScript Hello World: This is the first program in JavaScript, and you will learn how to run a simple program of JavaScript in a web browser
JavaScript Comment
JavaScript Comment:Comment is a important feature in any programming language, JavaScript supports two types of comments single line, and double line. In this tutorial you will come to know about this in detail. Examples will help you to understand.
JavaScript Variables
JavaScript Variables: In this tutorial you will come to know about how to declare variables, how to display the values of a variable, what is the meaning of dynamic typing of variables in JavaScript.
JavaScript Conditional Statements
JavaScript Conditional Statements:Conditional statements are important feature of any programming language, like any other language JavaScript supports if, if else, if elseif else, switch case and ternary operator. In the present tutorial you will go through all these statements and examples will help you learn it in effective way.
JavaScript Loops Function
JavaScript Loops: In this tutorial you will come to know about different kind of loops functions supported by JavaScript e.g. for, while, do...while, etc. Examples will illustrate each of these loop.
JavaScript Array
JavaScript Array: In this tutorial you will come to know about array in JavaScript, how to declare, assign values, access values using simple for loop as well as using loop.
JavaScript Break Continue Statement
JavaScript Break Continue Statement: In this tutorial you will come to know about the break and continue statements of JavaScript, given examples will help you to go through the concept of break and continue statements of JavaScript.
JavaScript User Defined Functions
JavaScript User Defined Functions: In this tutorial you will get to know about user defined functions, which are one of the major component of any programming language.
JavaScript Pop Up Boxes
JavaScript Pop Up Boxes: JavaScript provides three kind of pop-up boxes: alert, confirm, prompt. Every pop-up box has its own importance. This tutorial will help you to learn these pop-up boxes and their use in a web page. Examples and the figure will illustrate each pop-up box.
JavaScript Exception Handling
JavaScript Exception Handling: Nowadays exception handling is one of the major part of programming, try..catch block is used for this purpose in JavaScript. In this tutorial you will get to know about try..catch block as well as throw statement
JavaScript String Function
JavaScript String: Almost every language provides special attention towards string and string manipulation, JavaScript is no exception. It provides many built-in functions to manipulate a string. This tutorial provides many built-in functions which will help you to learn string in detail.
JavaScript Date Function
JavaScript Date Functions: Many language provide special functions for Date, JavaScript also provides many functions for it. Given examples will illustrate the functions. In this tutorial you will come to know about different functions provided by JavaScript



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