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SCJP Module-2 Question-10

This program heps in understating of methods and also gives the knowledge of hoe the methods can be called.

What is the output of the following code:

public class Example10 {
public static void main(String[] argv) {
SubExample2 se = new SubExample2();


class SubExample1{
String Name;

public SubExample1(String n) {
Name = n;

public void showName() {
System.out.println("Name is " + Name);

class SubExample2 extends SubExample1 {
public void setName(String nn) {
Name = nn;

What is the output of the above given code :

1  n

2. nn

3. null

4. Unresolved compilation problem:

Answer :


Explanation :

Since constructor of the SubExample1 class has a parameterized constructor that's why the "Name" value is undefined in this case.



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