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Mixing Scriptlet and HTML

In this section, we will discuss about Scriptlet and Html together with an example

Mixing Scriptlet and HTML

In this section, we will discuss about  Scriptlet and Html together with an example. Suppose you have to generate a table in HTML.  This is a common operation, and you may want to generate a table from a SQL table, or from the lines of a file.  But to keep our example simple, we will generate a table containing the numbers from 1 to 10.  Not very useful, but it will show you the technique  :



for ( int i = 0; i < 10; i++ ) {




<TD><%= i+1 %></TD>







The important things to notice are how the %> and <% characters appear in the middle of the "for" loop, to let you drop back into HTML and then to come back to the scriptlet.

The concepts are simple here -- as you can see, you can drop out of the scriptlets, write normal HTML, and get back into the scriptlet.  Any control expressions such as a "while" or a "for" loop or an "if" expression will control the HTML also.  If the HTML is inside a loop, it will be emitted once for each iteration of the loop.



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