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Example of containsValues method of HashMap.

Example of containsValues method of HashMap.

Example of containsValues method of HashMap.

The containsValues is a method of HashMap class. It always returns boolean value. It checks, whether the values is present in HashMap or not. 

If the given values is present in map, than is returns true othewise false.



import java.util.HashMap;

public class HashMapContainsValue{

public static void main(String[] arr) {

/* Create object of HashMap */

HashMap<Integer, String> obMap = new HashMap<Integer, String>();

/* Add value in HashMap */

obMap.put(new Integer(1), "Bharat");

obMap.put(new Integer(2), "Gyan");

obMap.put(new Integer(4), "Vrishti");

obMap.put(new Integer(3), "Sarika");

obMap.put(new Integer(5), "Rohit");

obMap.put(new Integer(6), "Parineeta");

/* Check values present in HashMap or not */

System.out.println("Returns :" + obMap.containsValue("Vrishti"));

System.out.println("Returns :" +obMap.containsValue("Ankita")); } }

Output :

Returns :true

Returns :false


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