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HTML5 pre tag, Example of <pre> tag in html5

In this illustration, We will inform you about the <pre> tag in html5.

HTML5 pre tag, Example of <pre> tag in html5

In this illustration, We will inform  you about the <pre> tag in html5.This tag is used for specifying  the preformatted text in the html document. The text will be displayed in the browser in fixed- pitch font. Line breaks and white spaces in the text enclosed within the <pre> tags is maintained as it is in the html document when displays on the browser. The text is represented in the typographic font style just as a computer code. This tag must have both opening and closing <pre> tag.

Declaration Syntax:

The syntax for the <pre> tag is as:

<pre> Your Text Here</pre>

This tag don't have any specific attribute.

Example: pre_tag.html.

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>Example of pre Tag</title>
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Download This Example.

Difference between html4.01 and html5:

The width tag is not supported by html5 instead fo it use css.


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