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Date Class with Single String parameter constructor example

The Date class have a single string parametrized constructor.

Date class with single string parameters to the Date() constructor example:-

The Date class have a single string parameterized constructor. If user pass a string parameter in the date class object, then it will convert that string in to date or time components after that return a corresponding Date object . The Date() constructor accepts a number of different string formats. User can see how to use this type of constructor for the Date class in this example.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<s:Application xmlns:fx=""


xmlns:mx="library://" creationComplete="init();">



public function init():void{

var nextDay:Date = new Date("Tue Jun 1 2010 05:30:00 PM");

mytext.text = (String)(nextDay.toDateString());

mytext1.text = (String)(nextDay.toLocaleTimeString());

mytext2.text = (String)(nextDay.toLocaleString());




<s:Panel width="335" height="130" title="Date Class Panel" backgroundColor="0xE0FFFF">



<mx:Label text="The Date :"/>

<mx:Text id="mytext"/>



<mx:Label text="The Time :"/>

<mx:Text id="mytext1"/>



<mx:Label text="The Date and Time :"/>

<mx:Text id="mytext2"/>





In this example we have created a Date class object and pass a string parameter in this object to access the parameterized constructor of the Date class and return the date and time of the corresponding the passing parameter.


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