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Online Shopping Cart Services
Posted on: March 7, 2011 at 12:00 AM
E-commerce Shopping Cart Services solutions have made business so easy that even the common housewife and a student studying on scholarship can make good use of them. Every bank, manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler is dependent on e-commerce solutions.

Knowing About Online Shopping Cart Services

The whole world has become a smaller place due to increased usage of internet all over the globe. Every single commodity can be made available today with a single click of the mouse. E-commerce solutions have made business so easy that even the common housewife and a student studying on scholarship can make good use of them. Every bank, manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler is dependent on e-commerce solutions. The main reason is to keep pace with technology and also conquer time and space. With faster business everybody wants to generate faster and maximum revenue.

The beauty of e-commerce is that customers can now shop online and make instant purchases and have all the commodities shipped to their home at absolute free cost. International shipping charges are also not as expensive as the ordinary international courier. This means one can even make purchases worth hundreds of dollars and have a product of their choice shipped for around $30.

For various reasons, now people depend on e-commerce shopping cart. One of them is the security these websites provide. These shopping cart solutions offer the users to do everything on their own starting with, picking and dropping products to their shopping cart, placing orders, billing calculations and managing shipping. This is far more time-saving than shopping at the super mall. There is no need to stand long in the queue to get a billing done and wait for the purchases to arrive at the billing counter and wait till the executive performs all the calculations.

The shopping cart services are much quicker and far more efficient. They even offer 30-day buy back service guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. In any case, if you find the product damaged, you can have them sent back for a complete refund. There are many online sites where you can even transfer the money within no time. You need not use your credit card in case you don’t feel secure about sharing your pin number. You have online sites like PayPal and Moneybookers which are absolutely secure.

Shopping cart services also offer payment on delivery options for many customers. This is far safer than having to use the ATM pin online for cash transactions. E-commerce website owners offer many different methods of safety to ensure that your transaction is secure even if you use net banking. When one wants to choose a shopping cart solution, they have many options available with numerous features. You can hire a web designer who can set up the necessary features for your website and you can immediately make good use of the application.

According to experts, it is very easy to install, configure and administer the shopping cart solution. The other important thing needed for credit card payment is merchant accounts for processing the cards. This facility is available as wireless and non-wireless and Payment Gateways. This allows a very secure mode of transaction of the credit card and shipping of the product in efficient time.

The different types of online shopping cart services are merchant service shopping carts, hosted shopping carts and fully integrated shopping carts. The merchant service shopping carts offer facilities such as adding products and prices by logging into their personal accounts and the user is the administrator. The hosted shopping carts services works on a monthly or annual basis and the payment is subjective to both. Sometimes the hosting service provider even offers percentage payments. When you use this you can add product information and prices etc. through the administration area. Fully integrated shopping needs some knowledge in programming as it requires a lot of configuring to make use of the application.


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Posted on: March 7, 2011

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