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Delhi Chattarpur Temple Information

The Chattarpur Mandir of Delhi, one of the famous temples of Delhi and pilgrimage travelers visit to this temple throughout the year. The famous chattarpur mandir of Delhi located near the Qutub Minar(World Heritage Site) complex. This chattarpur temple is dedicated to goddess Durga.

Chhatarpur Temple in Delhi

The Chhatarpur Temple is a massive temple complex in the southwestern part of Delhi. This is a relatively new temple but it is already notable for its beautiful design and its many different shrines. It is noted for being very beautiful and for having a large build that is conducive to many important shrines for a variety of gods and goddess in the Hindu faith. This is vital place for people of this faith.

The Chhatarpur Temple was built in 1974. Construction was started by Swami Nagpal Maharaj. Maharaj was a devotee of Durga and built the Chhatarpur Temple as a temple dedicated to the goddess Katyayani, a goddess that is a form of Durga.

The temple is currently the second largest temple in all of India. The temple has been in continuous construction since 1974 and it is not certain as to exactly when the construction is going to be finished. The Chhatarpur Temple is already sixty acres in size. In fact, it is not too far from the Qutub Complex in Delhi near Mehrauli.

Katyayani is the main goddess that is worshiped in the Chhatarpur Temple. However, the shrine for this goddess is only open when the Navratri season occurs. People will visit this shrine for darshan or visions of the goddess during this time of the year.

The primary shrine to Katyayani has two separate rooms near it. One is a living room and the other is a bedroom. The bedroom features a series of silver accents around it. These are used as heavenly spots that are used to please the goddess and to create comfortable places that people can enjoy and concentrate in.

There are some other shrines around the Chhatarpur Temple. These include shrines that are devoted to the Lord Ganesh and the Lord Rama. These shrines are located in individual temples. There are a little more than twenty of these temples around the site. These are split up around three separate complexes.

A Bhandara building is also included in the complex. This is where people will offer foods to the gods. This is a space that people will go to for prayers and studies at various times of the day. The odds are very good that someone will be in this part of the temple regardless of what time of the day it is.

The construction of the temple is very notable. The Chhatarpur Temple was built with white marble. Much of the design is influenced by South Indian styles in mind. The temple complex also features a variety of great ledges and rising towers that narrow in size as they get higher in elevation. These towers are beautiful and are very easy to notice from a good distance. These are great features that make the Chhatarpur Temple one of the most interesting places to visit when in Delhi.

There is also a notable tree on the outside of the Chhatarpur Temple. This tree is covered with many different threads. These threads are designed with the belief that they are sacred and that they are going to help them support their wishes.

A great point about this temple complex is that people around Delhi can easily get to the temple. It is placed around Gurgaon-Mehrauli Road in Delhi. This area is easy to get to through most types of transportation methods. This is used to allow people to easily help get to the temple complex to worship their idols here.

The Chhatarpur Temple is a truly notable temple complex for people to visit when in Delhi. This temple features many important buildings and different temples and shrines for a number of important gods.



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