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What Is Subversion?

This article talks about Subversions, which is an open source version control system.

What Is Subversion?

Subversion is an advanced, open source version control system and its sole purpose is to help in tracking the changes to directories of files under version control. Simply it can be said that Subversion is a free or open source version control system (VCS), which just cares about the directories and files it is supposed to track the changes that occurs. It also helps in managing files and directories and allows you to recover older version of your data including history and changed data.

Subversion became self-hosting on August 31, 2001 with developers stopped using CVS to manage Subversion?s own source code and started using Subversion instead. Karl Fogel, author of Open Source Development with CVS and Jim Blandy had started to create a tool in these regards and after a long time Subversion was born.

Despite various significant features with it, questions have always been raise that is Subversion the right tool in achieving the old versions of files and directories. In fact, Subversion uses a virtual files system to allow for directory versioning and the end result is that you can track changes to directory structures just like one can contents of files.

Among the many significant features of the Subversion, it allows you the ability to pick and choose about your choice of parallel development methodology as per your requirement. Clearly you have options available to choose either Loci-Modify-Unlock model for your binary files.

Subversion has another important features, which allow that it can be installed really needing to talk to a network or system administrator. Needless to say, the move makes thing easier for implementing Subversions in the corporation security system.

Thus you should know that Subversion has a lot of offer for a lot of people in accordance with demand. It also provides fully enjoy and flexibility to the developers as it was envisaged for being simple, flexible and powerful with innovative features that is the need out of your version control system.



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