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Location Based Service (LBS)

This is one of the most popular services based on a different navigation technologies provided by the mobile communication network.

Location Based Service (LBS)


This is one of the most popular services based on a different navigation technologies provided by the mobile communication network. Its receives the location coordinates from the ground based mobile station and sends it to the mobile phone user and the communication center that can be used for various location based services. So in nutshell, LBS is a wireless service that determines the location information of the information device (mobile) user by using Geographical Information System (GIS) and other satellite navigation platform.

Location Based Services (LBS) is now used in all kinds of activities including fleet navigation, emergency service, road navigation and some others where information about the location is needed. Other location based services like GIS and Global Positioning System (GPS) combine together with LBS to offer the positioning service for various applications.

For example, if you are in an unknown place and want to know about the nearest hospital, hotel or any others when you inform your service provider by your mobile then the operator compares your location and the desired place stored in the data base and guide you to the nearest one by just sending a return SMS message. Similarly, user can inform the vehicle operator and the service provider can also direct the taxi operator to the customer. The use of this service increases the communication traffic considerably and also one the prime reason in the expansion of mobile phone market.

Thus, location based service are primarily provided by the cell phone networks with the help of GPS technology and offers various services in their current location. Mobile phones with GPS feature determine its own location and send it to the operator, who later offers other services to its user. Even a cell phone without a GPS unit can send information to the operator by using radiolocation and trilateration depending on the signal strength of the network tower.

Hence, there is several mobile phone operators worldwide offering location based service for a wide range of application. The increase in number of players in this field generating healthy competition that is later modified as profit both for consumer and operator. So, it’s not about operators but the whole system is going to benefit both individual consumer and corporate sector especially cargo industry, service dispatch and asset tracking. Further a premium rate charging by the operator offers a chance to the user for exploring the absolute potential of mobile service. Thus, LBS is just making life simpler and its use smoother for mobile phone users.



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