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This is one of the most popular services based on a different navigation technologies provided by the mobile communication network.



  1. Location Based Service (LBS)
    This is one of the most popular services based on a different navigation technologies provided by the mobile communication network. Its receives the location coordinates from the ground based mobile station and sends it to the mobile phone user and the communication center that can be used for various location based services. 
  2. Basic Components & Functionality of LBS
    Consists of basic electronic instruments like mobile phone, smart phone, laptop and other personal digital devices (PDA) for accessing information. User can obtain information in form of voice, text, graphs, picture etc. Devices can be for different purposes; specific and multi purpose.
  3. How does LBS work?
    Location based service (LBS) is the application that users use to locate its own position with the help of some basic components like mobile devices, mobile communication network, service provider like the Global Positioning Service (GPS), data and yellow pages for the service station. 

  4. How is LBS useful?
    LBS is designed to provide valuable information to the users based on location or position. So it gives answer to some of the most common answered question when one is traveling such that where am I? What is around me? Where is the nearest hotel, hospital? What is the most convenient route? 
  5. Application of LBS in Different Fields
    The popularity of location- based service makes it one of most essential and useful asset in almost all industries. However, its market is divided into various categories including navigation, emergency assistance, tracking, advertising, billing, management, games and leisure. 
  6. Types of LBS
    Location based service enables us to find the geographical location of a mobile device with its user and provide various services related to the location information. For an example, you are in a town and want to know about a nearest hotel. Here you can use your GPS attached mobile phone that can calculate... 
  7. Relation between GIS and LBS
    Technological advances like Geographical Information System (GIS) and all kinds of location-based services like GPS have brought tremendous change in the lifestyle of people especially the way we communicate. The growing number of mobile phone and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) users with Internet enable us to access real-time information from anywhere in the world. 
  8. Location Based Service (LBS) in Tourism
    In a simple way if we have to define LBS then we can say that it is a service that determines where a mobile device and its user are geographically located and also acts as an information gateway for the user by providing various kinds of services. 
  9. Pros and Cons of LBS
    Location based service is one of the most important technological innovation in today?s world as it contributes a lot in bringing changes in society. But if we consider all the social, ethical, technological issues of its use then it has both positive and negative impacts for different user. 
  10.  Security and Privacy Issues in Location Based Service (LBS)
    Location Based Service (LBS) is primarily based on user?s location to provide other value added services by means of a wireless device functioning through common cellular network or radio stations. Till now it has left a wide-ranging impact on society and business as a whole...
  11. Wi-Fi as a part of LBS
    Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) uses wireless fidelity network instead of GPS or cell tower systems or location beacons to determine position. This consists of a nation wide access points or network of location beacons used for pinpoint measurement of user?s position and is better than satellite positioning system. 




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