Java XML
Posted on: April 3, 2006 at 12:00 AM
Learn how to use XML files in Java Program.

Java XML

In this section we will learn how to manipulate XML files in Java program.

Java provides excellent API for manipulating the XML files. In your Java program you can use any of the available XML parsing API and then process the XML files.

API's for XML parsing in Java:

  • DOM
    The DOM API reads the xml file and then loads into memory. It is easy to learn API in Java.
  • SAX
    The API does not loads the XML document in memory instead it uses the callback methods for parsing the XML document. The SAX parser are faster and uses less memory as compared to DOM and JDOM parsers.
  • JDOM
    It is much faster then DOM.

Tutorials in XML and Java

  1. Java DOM
  2. Processing XML with Java
  3. Examples
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Java XML
Java XML In this section we will learn how to manipulate XML files in Java program. Java provides excellent API for manipulating the XML files. In your Java... the XML files. API's for XML parsing in Java: DOM The DOM API
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