Introduction To Application
Posted on: March 3, 2011 at 12:00 AM
Introduction To Application

Introduction To Application

The present application is an online test application, which takes online tests on programming languages. In this application you will learn a lot of thing of Struts2, such as session management, chaining actions, forwarding request from one action to other etc. In this application you will also see the Data Access Object (DAO) design pattern with MySQL in prepared statement.

To run  this application you first need to Create a database in MySQL as given in the next section. Then configure the .war file provided with this tutorial in eclipse.

This application is basically divided into two parts

  1. Admin and
  2. User

The user first need to make registration on the website for appearing in the online examination. After the making successful registration he is eligible for online test examination. To appear in the examination he need to login on the website then, he / she can select the language of examination paper. After the selecting the language he goes to the online test paper of that particular language. For example- if he selects java the he can only see the java language test paper. After submitting the test paper he views the result.

The admin have the privilege  to add the question, delete the question. He is responsible for maintaining the site. He can also search the question paper by question Id and by title.

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