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Insert Records in Table


The Insert data in Table is used to insert  records or rows into the table in database. The Syntax used to insert records into a table is given below:

insert into Table values('first value',' last value');

The insert into is used to add the records  followed by the name of table. The open parenthesis follow the table name, that include list of values enclosed inside a parenthesis. The value given into the table will be positioned at respective rows and match up with column name specified in the table.

Understand with Example

The Tutorial illustrates an example from Insert data in Table. In this Tutorial we create a table name 'country'.

The describe country show you the field, data type ,attribute used in table country.

The insert into syntax is used to add the records into a table country.

describe country;

insert into country  values('India','Delhi');

output is displayed as

The select statement command  shows you the list of record inserted into rows of table country.

select * from country;

output is displayed as

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