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Mysql Decimal Datatype

Mysql Decimal Datatype is used to specify the nume


Mysql Decimal Datatype


Mysql Decimal Datatype is used to specify the numeric values.

Understand with Example

The Tutorial give you an example from 'Mysql Decimal Datatype'.To understand this example we create a table'Stu' that include a fieldname age whose datatype is decimal. 




Create Table Stu

Create Table Stu(Id int,Name Varchar(15), age DECIMAL(2));

Insert into Stu

The insert into is used to add the records or rows to the table 'Stu'.

Insert Into Stu values(1,'Ajay',23.4);
Insert Into Stu values(2,'Bhanu',23);
Insert Into Stu values(4,'Rakesh',22);
Insert Into Stu values(5,'Santosh',23);
Insert Into Stu values(3,'Komal',24);

Stu Table

To view the table 'Stu',we use select query that return you the table 'Stu' detail.The decimal datatype is used to return the numeric value.

| Id   | Name    | age  |
| 1    | Ajay    | 23   |
| 2    | Bhanu   | 23   |
| 4    | Rakesh  | 22   |
| 5    | Santosh | 23   |
| 3    | Komal   | 24   |



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Mysql Decimal Datatype

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joe s barandgrill
October 9, 2011
This is not an example of much

This example is full of incomplete sentences. Write it over. Proofread....