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Spring Download - Downloading and Installing Spring Framework


Spring Framework is available for download from its official website. The latest version of the spring framework at the time of writing this tutorial is Spring 2.5.1, which available for download at from its official website.

Spring 2.5.1 is one the most advance light weight framework for develop enterprise applications. The most exiting feature is Custom components. Spring ships with few namespaces such as jee, aop, util, and etc, now you can write your own custom namespaces.

So, let's start experimenting with the spring framework.

Download Spring Framework 2.5.1

Visit the Spring official website at http://www.springframework.org/download

To download the Spring Frame work click on "Download" link.

Then select "spring-framework-2.5.1-with-dependencies.zip" link. This download contains all the dependencies required to run the spring framework.

Save the downloaded file onto your favorite directory.

In the next section we will extract the download and explore the different directories of the downloaded file.


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