Tutorial: Use of yum install linux mysql php command on Linux box

Use of yum install linux mysql php command on Linux box

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Learn how to use yum command to quickly install php, MySQL and Apache server on your Linux machine.

Read Tutorial Use of yum install linux mysql php command on Linux box.

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Use of yum install linux mysql php command on Linux box

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Use of yum install linux mysql php command on Linux box

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Use of yum install linux mysql php command on Linux box
install PHP, MySQL and apache on the Linux box with the help of few yum commands. Here is the steps to install PHP, MySQL and Apache with the help of yum command: Step 1: Logion to your Linux box as root Step 2: Install apache
PHP Installing PHP LAMP - Linux Apache MySQL and PHP Tutorial
. Here is the steps to install Apache, MySQL and PHP using yum command... we will learn how to install Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This guide... Apache. Now type yum install php to install PHP. This command may ask
yum clear cache
. It makes the management of software packages on linux system very easy. Use of yum... in cache, you can use following command: su -c 'yum clean packages'... Modified or YUM for short is free software package management tool for linux
How to Unrar in Linux?
  Hi, First install unrar tool on your linux box. Use the following command: yum install unrar Here is the output of the command: myserver [~]# yum...;Hi, then use the following command to unrar file: unrar x myfile.rar Thanks
How to Install Alternative PHP Cache (APC)?
How to Install Alternative PHP Cache (APC)? Learn how to install APC on Linux... the following command: sudo aptitude install php-apc If you are using... the APC module: sudo yum install php-pecl-apc Installing With the help
MySQL default port number in Linux
login to mysql then you can use the following command on the Linux console... to the mysql using this then use the following sql command to find out the port number... command line PHP MySQL Connect to a Database
Sitemap Linux Tutorial
| PHP MySQL on Centos 5.x Linux Basic Tutorial Section What is Linux? | Significance of Linux | Utility of Linux. | Linux as a Command Line... | Site Map | Business Software Services India Linux Tutorial Section
The Beginners Linux Guide
system.    PHP MySQL on Centos 5.x Learn how to install MySQL support in PHP on Centos 5.x servers.   ... This section shows you how Install Sun JDK on Linux (Fedora Core 3)    
What is Linux Hosting?
a SQL server or MS SQL, Linux hosting recipients use MySQL database. Pros... to the hosting clients without the need for them to install Linux, it is called Linux... for those who typically will use a SQL server or database and use ASP, Linux
Installing ant in Linux
on your linux box. This installing ant in linux is based on the practical work... Linux box and create a directory "ant" under /usr/local...-ant-1.7.1-bin.zip onto your Linux box in  /usr/local/ant directory. Step 4: Extract
PHP MySQL on Centos 5.x
the following command to install PHP: [root@localhost ~]# yum install php The above command will install PHP on Linux machine. Next step is to add MySQL... program. We will use the yum tool to install MySQL support. The yum tool
List files recursively in linux
List files recursively in linux  Hi, How to List files recursively in linux? I want to list all the .php file. Thanks   Hi, You can use following command: find . -name *.php -print Thanks
How to install JDK in Centos?
/downloads/index.html website Then use the following command to install it on Linux $ rpm -Uvh jdk-7u67-linux-x64.rpm $ alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java... on Centos 6 Linux server. Let's know the steps to install the JDK. Thanks   
Beginner Guide to Linux Server
are providing the CDs at very less cost. Selecting your Linux Box for installing Linux You can use any low end pc like P-I, P-II and be used for installing... HDD. Only requirement is that you first install Windows and then Linux
Beginner Guide to Linux Server
. Earlier Linux used to be difficult to install and configure. But now a days its simple to install and configure Linux and this is also a reason why many... we are providing the CDs at very less cost. Selecting your Linux Box
instruction to install oracle 10g in linux....
instruction to install oracle 10g in linux....  how to install oracle 10g in linux
Java Programming on Linux
on Linux? I want following tutorials: a) installing and enabling a Java runtime environment on Linux b) Java development on Linux to run Java applications c) Running applets under Linux d) How to install Tomcat on linux? e) How to use Sun
Linux Vs. Windows
then Windows NT. Linux comes in both flavor 'Command Line Interface' and ' Graphics.... Graphical User Interface. Linux and Windows both have a GUI and a command line.... Both Windows and Linux have Command line Interface. In Windows it is called a DOS
Linux Installation Process
;        Linux can be install from... this website. For getting detail about how to install any Linux distribution visit...Linux Installation Process      
How to change default MySQL port in linux?
How to change default MySQL port in linux?  I have a sever and due to some reasons I want to run the MySQL server on the different port and not on the detault port 3306. How to change the MySQL default port on my Linux box
We are providing Downloadable Version of K12LTSP Linux
some space.    Use apt, up2date, or yum if you wish to install... by specifying only the meta package. For example "yum install k12ltsp-core...K12LTSP Linux Now Available Linux K12LTSP 4.2.0 CD's K12LTSP 4.2.0
php editor in linux
php editor in linux  Which editor works in Linux for PHP
Linux installation
Linux installation  I want to install linux for generally purpose functions,which linux[fedora , ubunto,centos etc ]should i install.In my pc there is already windows,How much the linux will effect my windows & data in C
What is Linux?
to install Linux on your machine, use the Live Distributions (SuSe 9.2 Live CDs...What is Linux?        ...; Linux is a free Unix-type operating system originally developed by Linus
Lean yum cache
Lean yum cache  How to clean yum cache in order to claim the disk space?   Hi, You can use the following command: yum clean all Thanks
Utility of Linux
by different measurement. Some of them are:   Why we use Linux?  Where we use Linux?  Who uses Linux? If you look for the first...Utility of Linux        
Start MySQL on Linux
Start MySQL on Linux  hii, How can i start MySQL on Linux? is there any cmd for starting MySQL on linux?   hi, yeah , By typing this cmd you can start MySQL service mysqld start
LINUX - Regex
LINUX  I am running Radhat LINUX in my system.. but in this gcc/cc/g++ command is not working .. so i think C,C++ is not installed my system... to the LINUX . I know for window.. but i want to connect LINUX
jdbc in linux
jdbc in linux  what will be database url if i'm using mysql database on linux platform ? what will be driver name & class name to be used in "Class.forName()" method ? plz give short source code
PHP Tutorials from RoseIndia
. PHP Echo  In php generally we use echo command to print... as well as value. PHP Create a Shout box using MySQL... the programmers to learn or use the readymade PHP code in their programming. PHP is one
Linux Programming
Linux Programming  1.Write a program that reads an integer by the user and displays it in octal (base 8): Enter an integer number between 0 and 32767: 2012 In octal, your number is: 3734 (Use the same input and output format
Linux Books
. This manual doesn't tell you how to install Linux; that is described... Linux Books        ... is to explain the use of the GNU C and C++ compilers, gcc and g++. After

Java for Linux
Java for Linux       Downloading: First of all download JDK for the Linux (Fedora Core 3) Operating...:/www.java.sun.com. and download the latest version for Linux Operating System. I have
How to delete content of a log file from linux terminal?
easy to do this. You can use the following command to delete the content...How to delete content of a log file from linux terminal?  Hi, My production server is on the linux machine. I am trying to debug and find the slow
how to run jdbc program in linux-ubuntu?
on terminal sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk after that using same command...how to run jdbc program in linux-ubuntu?  how to run jdbc program in linux-ubuntu?   hi firstly download the jdk on your system using
Linux - IDE Questions
Linux  how to install the application software in linux operatng system as same we are instal easily on windows operating systems  Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: http://www.roseindia.net/linux
Linux remote destop - IDE Questions
Linux remote destop  Can i install Rdp(remote desktop protocol)software on linux
java server on linux ystems
java server on linux ystems  hi.. i use linux... i want to remotely login into another linux system using java and then execute commands over... for exmple in shell we use "ssh username@ipaddress" to login to a host...how can i login
What is Linux?
What is Linux?        ...;      Linux is an Unix based Complete... Linux was developed for x86, but now it runs on the various platforms
Linux GUI client for Subversion
. In the next section we will learn how to install KdeSVN on linux desktop and use... Subversion Client Linux   ... the Subversion clients available for the Linux machine. Subversion is one of the best open
Mysql Update command
PHP SQL Update is used to execute the mysql _update () function that modify... Mysql Update       Mysql Update Mysql Update is used to modify the table
We are providing Knoppix 3.6 Live Linux CD's
Knoppix Linux CD's Now Available Linux Knoppix 3.6 CD's What is KNOPPIX? KNOPPIX is a bootable Linux CD with a collection of various GNU/Linux software... and SCSI drives.   KNOPPIX can be used as a Linux demo, educational
We are providing Linux CD's for free.
Mandrake Linux Linux! Linux! Linux! The Best Place to get your Free Linux Mandrake 9.1 CD's Get Your Linux CD's Today What is Linux? Linux is a free... source Unix-like OS. The code for Linux is freely available to everyone under GNU
We are providing Downloadable Version of Mandrake Move Linux
Mandrake Move Live Linux Now Available Linux Mandrake Move Live CD's We... and S&H (Shipping and Handling) charges. The Mandrake is complete desktop Linux... directly boots from the CD, so there is not need to install it on the Hard Disk
PHP list box mysql
PHP List box that displays the data from mysql table. User can select any value from the PHP list box. Example of PHP MYSQL List Box Code <?php if(isset($_GET['roll'])) { $username="root"; $password=""; $database
Free Linux Distribution in India
Free Linux Distribution in India... premium place to get Free Linux CDs in India     Popularity of Linux is growing
Significance of Linux
Significance of Linux       ...;       The Linux, a complete free... into a larger frame work.  Linux performs the task equivalent to the Windows
Linux as a Command Line Interface (CLI) Vs. Graphics User Interface (GUI).
Linux as a Command Line Interface (CLI) Vs. Graphics User Interface (GUI... to command line interfaces (CLIs), which use only text and are accessed solely... of two categories: command line and graphical. Command line shells provide
LINUX SHELL SCRIPT   I wish to create a bash shell script... the end of the current month (based on the output of the date command). o Do... as modified by the command line arguments below. o The script should accept command line
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