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Active vibration

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Active vibration

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Active vibration
Active vibration  hello is it possible to active vibration from code ? if yes give me solution!!!   hiii To trigger vibration in iPhone... as an argument. Vibration takes place for a fixed duration
active window means
active window means  active window means what?   The active window is the term used to describe the window that is currently being used
Active Objects - Java Beginners
Active Objects  Design a class for complex nos in java in addition to methods for basic operations on complex number. Provide a method to return the number of active objects created  Hi Friend, Try the following code
Count Active Thread in JAVA
Count Active Thread in JAVA In this tutorial, we are using activeCount() method of thread to count the current active threads. Thread activeCount() : Thread class provides you to check the current active thread by providing
Login Authentication using existing Active Directory.
Login Authentication using existing Active Directory.  I need jsp... Active Directory. Here no need to create active directory.The JSP code should... or Active directory URL
problem. how to use active mq - JMS
problem. how to use active mq  how to use active mq with jms. right now i am using struts 2.0 to develop small applications and i am using tomacat... and active mq please send me
Logout if its not active for longer period in jsp
Logout if its not active for longer period in jsp  hi all, Please tell me how to log out the application if its not performing any activity for longer period in jsp i tried to use session.setMaxInactiveInterval(arg0); but still
active ur account through mail - Java Beginners

Jupiter       Jupiter is a code review plug-in tool for the Eclipse IDE. It is currently under active development, and still in an experimental state. The design
What are PHP, ASP and Perl
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), ASP.NET (Active Server Pages),and Perl are examples of programming languages. These Programming languages are used online to create dynamic and interactive websites. Different software packages require
Open Source Agent Systems written in Java

Open Source Metaverses
of the commercial metaverse engines Second Life, There and Active Worlds... - Second Life, There and Active Worlds - but we needed a metaverse engine
CreditCardValidator in Flex4
card number and check the number is currently active... and active
Relational Mapping' Technology developed by Java Community Process(JCP), with active... for the JDO expert group and David Jordan is an active member of that group. Before
Vehicle Tracking System
devices have their own types- passive and active. The GPS location is stored.... Active devices also collect the same information but usually transmit the data
Open Source Instant Messaging & Chat written in Java

PHP SQL Select
PHP SQL Select       PHP SQL Select is used to execute mysql select query in the php application. The PHP SQL Select uses mysql_select_db () function that set the active MySQL
Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management
-tracking devices are in function; they all come under Passive and Active device... it is downloaded to the computer while Active devices gives information in real-time. Off-late few tracking devices have started using both, Active and Passive
Tips for Betterment of Social Media Marketing
of choice on a regular basis, they cannot expect to be active on more than a few... choices should be made. Active To be influential on any social media network, a person has to be active. This means submitting a blog post on a regular
Vehicle Monitoring System
types- passive and active. The GPS location is stored in Passive devices along...-defined and data is transferred wirelessly. Active devices also collect the same
Database Connectivity Example In Java

Traditional Means of Web Application Development
was mostly used), Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) were among the few
LinkBar in Flex
Flex LinkBar Control: A LinkBar control is the collection of LinkButtons. We use this control when we need to control (specially display) the active child container. We generally use ViewStack container to display the child containers
Adobe Flex TabBar
Adobe Flex TabBar: You may have used tab many times, tab bar  provides such facility so we can include more than one window in a single window. TabBar control helps us to control the active child container 
Game and Graphic Books
currently works on a variety of research projects in underwater sonar, active noise and vibration control, and network security. He received a PhD in Electrical
Java ME
between user inputs, graphics, animation, sound and/or vibration. Additionally
java awt components - Java Beginners
java awt components  how to make the the button being active at a time..? ie two or more buttons gets activated by click at a time
KEY EVENT HANDLING  I am trying to write a program that receives every key stroke even when the window is not active or it's minimized. Is there anyway to do
Framedesign91  how to open a new page inside same active window without opening a new frame by clicking a button in java
align top left corner - Development process
align top left corner  how to align top left corner   Hi friend, This is simple code Active Jump and css body { background: url(image.jpg) top left no-repeat
Dialog Frame focus - Framework
frame to be focussed/active.(Here i dont want to reopen it. As it is already opened. I want it to be active/focussed
Twitter REST API
Twitter REST API  While writing a program to post the tweet into twitter i am getting following error: The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please mig rate to API v1.1 What could the the solution? Thanks   Hi
and only one ServletContext and is accessible to all active resource
logoff - JSP-Servlet
logoff  after successfully logout when the back button of browser button clicked, it shows the last active page.how to prevent it??   Hi friend, Give full details with source code to solve the problem
Copy a Html chart into PPT - Java Beginners
Copy a Html chart into PPT  Hi Experts, i am facing with a problem without solution. I have a Html site and would like to write a code so that by clicking on a button the graph will be copied in an active ppt. Could you
java programming - Development process
java programming  Design a class for Complex numbers in Java. In addition to methods for basic operations on complex numbers, provide a method to return the number of active objects created.  Hi Friend, Please visit
java - Java Beginners
java  Design a class for Complex numbers in Java. In addition to methods for basic operations on complex numbers, provide a method to return the number of active objects created.  Hi Friend, Please visit
turn the GUI(java class) into XML - XML
xml one tag is there,in that mapname="somename" active="true" options are there.In... that particular map should be activate remaining shows active="false" this is my
response will come from another active system?If yes then what
Fleet vehicle tracking
under two categories: Active Device and Passive Device. While the Active device... to the company. Active devices monitors all the data from speed to fuel usage... from the work. Active devices are mostly preferred over Passive devices. Fleet
Symfony       Symfony is a php enterprise framework, with commonly known design patterns. Based on the best practices of web development, thoroughly tried on several active websites
Bluetooth devices can communicate concurrently
master device to interconnect with up to seven active slave devices
jsp - JSP-Servlet
jsp  after logout when i pressed back button of browser then the last active page is comming and also the link is working.i donot know where the error.shall i change the login.jsp or header.jsp or any thing else.i am using
java script validation - Java Beginners
java script validation  hi, i have two radio buttons yea and no. all text fiels r deactivated, when i click no radio button. its get active stage when i click yes radio button. thanks,  hi try this.. Radio
Explain ServletContext.
active resource of that application. Thanks
java RMI - Java Server Faces Questions
java RMI  hi In a distributed system using RMI how can i check for down servers.when a server becomes down/active some actions should take place.so monitoring for server status should continue all the time.pls tell me how to do
Java Thread : setDaemon() method
(); System.out.println("Active threads = " + Thread.activeCount()); thread1.join...()); } } Output : Thread is set as daemon thread. Active threads
No SDK with the name or path
Target Deployment->iOS 4.2 Project->Edit Active Target (myTarget)->Base SDK->Latest SDK (4.2) Project->Edit Active Target (myTarget)->iOS Target
eDump-Eclipse Screenshot Utility
source selection: Whole screen, Whole workbench window, Active workbench section, or Active workbench part * Image Cropping supported. * Scaling of images
developing students dabase application implemented on oracle with support for object feature
in each subject for which he/she has enrolled. Using TRIGGERS, write active rules
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