Tutorial: Server DB connection - JDBC

Server DB connection - JDBC

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Server DB connection - JDBC

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Server DB connection - JDBC

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Server DB connection - JDBC

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Todd oracle DB connection through PHP
Todd oracle DB connection through PHP  Can u please explain how to connect Todd oracle DB using PHP & What are the setups we need to perform? Thanks
PHP Mysql Database Connection
not connect: ".mysql_error()); mysql_select_db($database,$connection... PHP Mysql Database Connection       PHP Mysql Database Connection is used to build a connection
PHP SQL close connection
PHP SQL close connection       PHP SQL close connection is used to close a connection between the PHP... 'PHP SQL close Connection'. To understand and grasp the example we include
ERRor in executing DB program
ERRor in executing DB program  While executing following code an Error was generated.can any one help me for this. LiveDB liveDBObj... an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server
socket connection: how to parse data from server?
socket connection: how to parse data from server?  hi, I am a j2me programmer,i want to retrieve some data from server using socket connection,I h'v established the connection through the port and getting the data from the server
Aggregrate function Max() in db
Aggregrate function Max() in db  Hi everyone i have a question and stuck with this problem. i have a table like Brand in mySql db where brandid(varchar) is generating automatically.. im having a Db connection class and a method
connection between server and client: public Server() { try { serverSocket...(IOException e) { System.out.println("Error Starting the Server . . ."); } System.out.println("Server started . . ."); this.start(); } The developer writes
Connection to Database
Connection to Database  Hello, I have a website with more than 50.... However, most of times my web pages displays the error message" Too many Connection... server at same time and causes the server to overload, but I am seeking to find out
PHP SQL Connection
database in the PHP server side scripts. The variable Connection accept... PHP SQL Connection       PHP SQL Connection is used to access and return the records from PHP
connection of java file to excel file and put data from excel file into oracle db
connection of java file to excel file and put data from excel file into oracle db  how to create button on excel sheet using java swing and how we... as wellas to oracle db to insert excel data into database
DB Visual Architect for Eclipse
DB Visual Architect for Eclipse       Extensive Database Coverage DB Visual ARCHITECT..., Cloudscape/Derby, Sybase ASE, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL
DataBase connection with sql - Struts
DataBase connection with sql  How to connect sql and send db error in struts? what are the tag should i code in struts-confic.xml
Mysql DB backup size increases rapidly
Mysql DB backup size increases rapidly  we are using mysql 5.1 with jboss application server. recently database size increases rapidly. it goes upto 8GB. how can we optimize the DB? or shall we delete any log files? let me know
Saving image and text in mysql db using spring?
Saving image and text in mysql db using spring?  Hii, My... the image location in db .And actual image(binary formate) should save into server? Iam using spring.Iam not getting how to do this.Plz help me
Java FTP Connection
. As a learning process I want to make a connection to the FTP server just to check if it works? How to make Java FTP Connection to FTP server hosted in my network? Thanks   See the example code at FTP Server : Connect and Login
Hibernate- Oracle connection - Hibernate
to make a connection to oracle DB from eclipse. Thanks... and password as scott and tiger. clicked Test connection. I'm getting Ping... could not establish the connection
Enhancement for connection pool in DBAcess.java
Enhancement for connection pool in DBAcess.java  package spo.db...()).append("connection error").append(ioexception).toString()); System.exit(-1); } } public static Connection getDBConnection() throws
DB Visual Architect for Eclipse
DB Visual Architect for Eclipse       Extensive Database Coverage DB Visual ARCHITECT..., Cloudscape/Derby, Sybase ASE, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL
SQL connection error in android
SQL connection error in android  hi, i am android developer . recently i made one application connect with sql server 2005 using jtds...:sql:Exception : BUFFERDIR connection property invalid. if you have any answer
Connection  What is Connection
database connection - SQL
database connection  hi friends, This is poornima i want to connect sql server to my eclipse editer how to connect and where i have to write code...-database connection in eclipse IDE? Thanks
Connection to database - Java Beginners
Connection to database   HI I have just Started working... are using SQL server 2000 ? We are not able to connect our database Tables.../connect_jsp_with_mysql.shtml Because, we didn't use sql server 2000 database
Socket connection - MobileApplications
file.xml in server (PC), I want to send to client by socket conection, everyone please.../index.shtml http://www.roseindia.net/j2me/kxml/connection-address-xml.shtml Hope
aSSL Secure Connection
random 128-bit key with the server uses RSA algorithm. When the connection... aSSL Secure Connection      ... some JavaScript files and some components from server side. It allows secure
sql express connection
sql express connection  Sir, I am using ms-SQL server 2005 as database. i have .mdf file and .ldf database base files with me. How to connect to these files in my web application. I am using type-4 drivers... Please let me know
JSP - MySQL - Connection
from the server was 1,300,257,595,704 milliseconds ago. The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. """" Can you help me
the connection with the available port on the host machine: import java.net.... the connection was not established. Predict the output of the preceding code. Explain why the connection cannot be established



sample jsp-servlet-service-db program
; <% Connection conn=null; Statement stmt=null; try { DB obj=new DB...sample jsp-servlet-service-db program  <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%>
PHP Connection Handling
Connection Handling: PHP internally maintains a connection status... from server side by the hitting his stop button. If  PHP previously set... that a user can have broken the connection, but the PHP script will keep running
chat server
chat server  how to write code for Many-Many (Broad cast): Each client opens a socket connection to the chat server and writes to the socket. Whatever is written by one party can be seen by all other parties
Configure JMS connection factories and destinations
Configure JMS connection factories...;Next    Configure JMS connection factories... queues and topics to your test environment or server so your program can access
DB Insert
DB Insert  How to insert XML data into a database column? Column data type is CLOB
Pentaho Report Designer connection through Property files
Pentaho Report Designer connection through Property files  Hi, I am using spring MVC and calling the .prpt file through connection string. But the problem is that, when ever i am deploying my application in the build server
Java Thread not geting Connection pool - JSP-Servlet
Java Thread not geting Connection pool  Hi All, Please help me in following problem. I have database connection on server using connection pool... while getting database connection in Background process. I am passing
weblogic server
;WebLogic is a server software application that runs on a middle tier, between back-end... and applications. WebLogic server is based on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE... features of WebLogic server include connectors that make it possible for any legacy
db connectivity
db connectivity  hi i am beginner in objective c lang and having knowlwgde of basic syntax of this lang and need statements that can be used to connect to sqlite. please do send me the simple example code. i am using GNUstep
DB connectivity - EJB
DB connectivity  DB connectivity
Server Sockets
the client side connection and second is server socket, which implement the server side connection. In Java there are many socket class that is used... Server Sockets     
Weblogic server - Java Beginners
Weblogic server  how can we create connection poolong in weblogic 9.1 application server
no data in db

; PHP is a server side scripting language. To access the data in PHP,you must create a connection to the database. The PHP server side script... the MySQL database. The connection is done  with the help of mysql
J2ME Kxml Connection Example
J2ME Kxml Connection Example       This is the XML connection example. In this section, we'll develop a J2ME... steps: create a AddressBook.xml file in root folder of your server
how to print the server time
how to print the server time  i want to print database time in clintside and update time in every secound without creating connection to database for each time. how can i do
Java Connect to and FTP Server
to and FTP Server? How to establish a connection to FTP server in Java? Thansk... the apache commons library to connect/login to FTP server. Link of complete example is FTP Server : Connect and Login. Thanks
server with two port - Java Server Faces Questions
respectively. If C1 send object to the server (using the connection to 3122 port...server with two port  Hello, want to write two port server socket program using Java, (i.e. single server program which is listening on two ports
dyanamic upload of images using struts without database connection
dyanamic upload of images using struts without database connection  I want to upload images dynamically with out using data base..and want to create image for every user in my db
Server_Gives_Null_Response   I have one InternetServer.java which starts a server at port 10000. In same class i have started a server at different... working is that first i run server it start working at port 1000,aftar that it wait
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