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  Tutorial: PHP Arithmetic Operator

PHP Arithmetic Operator

Tutorial Details:
In this PHP tutorial we will study about PHP Arithmetic Operator is is used to perform addition(+), subtraction(-), Division(/), Multiplication(*), modulus(%). with variable or value. PHP Arithmetic Operator Examples will make it more clear.

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PHP Arithmetic Operator

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PHP Arithmetic Operator

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PHP Arithmetic Operator
Arithmetic Operators: These are the most basic kind of operators. The PHP Arithmetic operator is used to perform addition(+), subtraction(-), Division... (Unary Operator): <?php $a=-12; echo $a."<br/>"
PHP Variables Using Arithmetic Operators
PHP Variables Addition We already learn about how to create variable... through variables. There are many operator to perform all these function. Such as : + , - , % , / , * , = .Let see few examples: Example 1: <?php
Explain the ternary conditional operator in PHP?
Explain the ternary conditional operator in PHP?  Explain the ternary conditional operator in PHP
PHP Concatenation Operator
The only one string operator in PHP is concatenation operator (.) that is used for putting two string values together; e.g. <?php $txt1=“Hello...? If we look at the code above you see that we used the concatenation operator two
PHP Instanceof Operator
Type Operators: This is another kind of operator, instanceof, this operator.... Example: <?php class A { var $var; function disp() { echo "... A); ?> Output: bool(true) Example: <?php class A { var $var
PHP Comparison Operator
Comparison Operator: It is another kind of operator supported by PHP, with this operator you can compare two variables, whether the variables are equal or not, which variable is larger, which one is smaller etc. PHP provides
PHP Bitwise Operator
Learn PHP Bitwise Operator: It is another kind of operator ,called bitwise operator and  supported by PHP. It is so called because instead of operating... it is known as bitwise operator.   Example of PHP Bitwise Operator: <?php
PHP String Operator
String Operator: In PHP there are only two operators are available for strings, first one is "." operator, and another is ".= " operator. Basically both does the same but with a little difference. First operator
PHP Logical Operator
then we need to use or (||) operator. There are many more operators... precedences. Example: <?php $a=12; $b=0; $c=22; $d=22...) $a || $b =bool(true) $c || $d =bool(true) Example: <?php $a=0; $b
PHP Array Operator
Array Operators: In PHP there are many operators are available which works..., equality etc. '+' operator is used to get the union of two arrays...; checks the non-identity of two array. Example: <?php $a=array("
PHP Increment Decrement Operator
PHP Incrementing and Decrementing variables: PHP follows very common style..., e.g. if we perform  'Z'+1 then PHP will display 'AA'...: <?php $a=12; echo "Pre increment value of a is:"
Java operator
Java operator  What are the legal operands of the instanceof operator
Java operator
Java operator  What is the difference between the prefix and postfix forms of the ++ operator
PHP, PHP Tutorials, Free PHP Tutorials
PHP is one of the most common and popular languages used for creating a dynamic... a comprehensive feature of coding. In our free PHP tutorial, you will find all the relevant topics related to basic programming. Our PHP tutorial is full of running
About PHP
() function 3.5. PHP operators 3.5.1. Arithmetic Operators 3.5.2. Logical Operators... PHP is a widely used powerful scripting language basically used for creating.... PHP is an open source language under PHP license and can be downloaded
PHP Operators
3.5. PHP Operators Operators are used for performing specific tasks. The operators in PHP are same like other programming languages like Arithmetic... Arithmetic Operators These operators work similar to basic Mathematics functions
Arithmetic Testing for School Students
Arithmetic Testing for School Students In this section, we have created an application that helps an elementary school student to learn arithmetic operations. This application allows the student to select the arithmetic operation
What does the delete operator do?
What does the delete operator do?  What does the delete operator do
PHP Return
(or multiple values using array in PHP) or the control to the calling line from the function. After getting a return statement the PHP parser ignores... from return statement otherwise a parse error.   Example: <?php
Operator - Java Beginners

PHP Create Instance
need to access the variables of a class from an object we use -> operator sign. To instantiate an object we need to use new operator as: object-name=new class... PHP Instance with Example: <?php class A { public static $one
I want to Do Addtion ,Substraction,Division,Multiplication in C Without using Any Arithmetic Operators - Development process
I want to Do Addtion ,Substraction,Division,Multiplication in C Without using Any Arithmetic Operators  I want to Do Addtion ,Substraction,Division,Multiplication in C Without using Any Arithmetic Operators. plz Help Me
I want to Do Addtion ,Substraction,Division,Multiplication in C Without using Any Arithmetic Operators - Development process
I want to Do Addtion ,Substraction,Division,Multiplication in C Without using Any Arithmetic Operators  I want to Do Addtion ,Substraction,Division,Multiplication in C Without using Any Arithmetic Operators. plz Help Me
PHP Conditional Statement
PHP Conditional Statements In every language we need to put some conditional logic, that is we need to perform an action according to a condition. PHP supports if , else, switch case and conditional operator for this purpose. PHP
How to Append Arrays in PHP
_merge(), + operator etc. This free php tutorial has small description of print_r...How to append array or merge two arrays in PHP: This PHP tutorial is discussed... array. Unlike in PHP 4, PHP 5 only accepts parameters of array() type. You can
PHP Operators
Operators in PHP: Every computer language has its own set of operators, most... some different set of operators. PHP supports mainly three kind of operators... is a kind of operator which acts like if else condition and it needs three operands
PHP Polymorphism Function
Run time Compile time polymorphism PHP is like function overloading, operator...PHP Polymorphism Function: The PHP Polymorphism Method is one of the feature... call . In operator overloading predefined operators treat as functions and one
PHP References Explained
References In PHP: What PHP References are? In PHP references  means... arithmetic. The references can be linked to hardlinking in Unix filesystem. .... Assign by reference: PHP Reference Example: <?php $var1=12; $var2
PHP Comparison Objects
Comparison of Objects: There are several ways are provided in PHP to compare... are used to compare two objects, and instance of operator can be used also. The operator = =  checks the attributes and values of objects and returns
PHP   hii, Define PHP?   Hello, The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP is basically used for developing web
PHP Variables Concatenate
PHP Variables Concatenate When we have more than one variable and we want... variables in php to compile them. In other words, it is used when we need to print more.... The . operator is the string concatenation operator and is very useful for situations
PHP Make Time
PHP  Make Time In PHP, mktime() funtion is used for doing date arithmetic...; To calculate next day use the following code: <?php <?php...:// echo "<b>
PHP Echo Function
PHP Echo Function As you know echo () is one of the function of php, which... the echo function as given below… <php Echo “hi how are you... to it. And just write “echo $variablename; PHP Echo Function Example: <php
IF - PHP If and else Statement
IF - PHP If and else Statement in PHP “IF” is a conditional... statement.  Apart from PHP there are many more programming languages that too uses if else statement as a conditional operator. Lets take an example
PHP Assignment Operators
are described: Example of PHP Assignment Operator: <?php $a=($b=23)+12...Assignment Operator: We  have used the basic assignment operator in our life but a confusion may occur between an "assignment operator"
Introduction to PHP Array
What is Array? An array in PHP is actually an ordered map, what is a map...;value) An example of an array is given below: <?php $first=array('Name... true  In above example <?php ?> is the delimiter, which
PHP Goto
Goto Statement: The goto operator is used to jump to another line or section... by a colon. In PHP there are few constraints in goto statements, like we can... of these constructs using goto statement. Example: <?php echo "First
PHP Numbers Variables
PHP Variables Numbers We already define that variables are used to store... in PHP always recognized with $sign. After declaring a variable once in your script you can used again and again.  You can also assign numbers in PHP variable
PHP Boolean Data Types
PHP Boolean Data Type: Boolean is one of the simplest data type supported by PHP. A boolean is used to express a truth value either true or false... an operator, function or control structure requires a boolean value, it automatically
PHP Class Object
PHP Class Object: In object oriented programming a class can be an abstract... of a class. A class consists of a member variable and methods. In PHP we need to declare the access specifiers (public, private, or protected) separately for PHP
PHP For Loop Function
For loop Function in PHP: In for loop construct there are three parts... than one variable at a time by using comma operator between variables), Condition... or decrement the variable(s). For loop function Example: <?php for($i
PHP duplicate file - PHP
PHP duplicate file   i wanted to duplicate a PHP file resides in different directory on submission
PHP Factory Method
PHP Factory Method: It is very common problem that sometimes we need to change... new operator. In this way if we want change the type of the object, all we need... can select to create objects of different types. PHP Factory Method Example
password encryption in php - PHP
password encryption in php  example of password encryption in php
What-is-PHP - PHP
What-is-PHP  Hi, I would like to know more about PHP. What PHP and how it is good for programming websites? Thanks Deepak   Hi, Read more about PHP at Thanks
PHP For Loop
than one variable at a time by using comma operator between variables), Condition... use alternative structure also, example is given below: Example: <?php... of k:6 Value of k:8 Value of k:10 Example: <?php for($a=1;$a<=10
unit test in php - PHP
unit test in php  How can i run the unit test in PHP
php parse string as php
php parse string as php  Best way of parsing a string within a string
PHP PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor; PHP is server-side scripting language for development of web applications. PHP powerful and robust programming..., Roadsend PHP, Phalanger, Quercus, Project Zero and HipHop framework. PHP
stdclass object php - PHP
stdclass object php  I know that stdClass is an object in PHP. But can you please explain it? it will be really helpful if you can illustrate it with an example
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