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  Tutorial: platfrom independent

platfrom independent

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platfrom independent

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platfrom independent

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platfrom independent

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platfrom independent
platfrom independent  hii, what is platfrom independent??   hello, A language is said to be platform independent if it can be run on any machine with out modifying code. in java you can run code any platform without
platform independent
platform independent  what is difirence between machine independent and platform independent
Are JVM's platform independent?
Are JVM's platform independent?  Hi, Are JVM's platform independent?   Hi, Java Virtual MachineJVM)'s is not platform independent. JVM.... Are JVM's Platform independent Thanks
portability vs platform independent
portability vs platform independent  sir, pls tell me 1.the differences between platform independent and portability related to java technology java provides security can i prove servlet is a single instance
Platform Independent In Java - Java Beginners
Platform Independent In Java   Hi friends, I want to execute .class file in another platform,which has JRE only ,but not working.Help me ow can i understand Write-once
Platform Independent In Java - Java Beginners
Platform Independent In Java   Hi Friends, I want to know abt platform indepent in java. Write once run anywhere means, after compilation wil get .class file. Can we execute .class file in another platform
Comparing Strings in a Locale-Independent Way
Comparing Strings in a Locale-Independent Way In this section, you will learn how to compare strings in a locale independent way. For handling strings... called the method compare() of Collator class to perform a locale-independent string
Introduction to Ant
Introduction to Ant           Ant is a platform-independent build tool that specially supports for the Java programming language. It is written purely in Java. Ant
Java XML
Java XML       XML is a cross-platform, software and hardware independent technology used for transmitting information.  It  is a markup language much like HTML used
NumberFormat In Java
code independent from the locale specific for decimal points, thousand
Get Current Thread
Get Current Thread       A Thread is the independent path of execution in a program. Many thread runs concurrently with a program. Some threads are Multithread
Object-Oriented Language: Java / APIs, Java OOPs

XML: An Introduction
XML: An Introduction       What is XML? "XML is a cross-platform, software and hardware independent tool for transmitting information" XML is a W3C Recommendations
Design Pattern
Design Pattern          What is a design pattern? The design patterns are language-independent strategies used to solve common object-oriented design
Code Management
, independent view instances to be open at the same time. Each view instance is capable of hosting its own independent set of log tail viewers.   
Introduction to Design Pattern
Introduction to Design Pattern       The design patterns are language-independent strategies used to solve common object-oriented design issues (problems). When you design
What is the use of java?
and a platform independent language. Java is designed to work in the distributed... and reusable code in other application. Java is platform-independent and flexible... and platform independent by avoiding the use of libraries written in other
JSON in JavaScript
; is a language independent text format which is fast and easy to understand...-interchange format that is completely language independent but with some
Introduction to XML - DTD
Introduction to  XML - DTD           Introduction to XML XML is a cross-platform, software and hardware independent tool for transmitting information
Java error dialog
Java error dialog       A Java dialog box is an independent sub window  that is used to notice a temporary message to the user. The dialog box find its extensive
Get Thread Name
Get Thread Name       Thread is the independent path of execution of a thread in a program. The JVM provides an  application to execute the multiple thread running
How to use Java?
Java, an Object Oriented Programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a platform independent and open source language that is being used by developers around the world to develop applications and softwares
JSON Tutorials
; is a language independent text format which is fast and easy to understand
Where is Java being Used?
computing devices but later adopted as one of the platform independent
AWT basics
AWT basics Are you looking for the AWT Basics to help you learn AWT quickly? Here we have provided you the links to our AWT tutorials. AWT stands for abstract window toolkit, which is used to develop platform-independent windowing
Parsing The XML File using DOM parser in JSP
Parsing The XML File using DOM parser in JSP       W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) started the DOM (Document Object Model) parser, that is the platform independent
one thing in common ? a vibrant community of independent developers, some.... is built for independent software vendors who are creating free... by an independent software vendor Farata Systems, which is also a contributor of the first
in common ? a vibrant community of independent developers, some of which become... is built for independent software vendors who are creating free or commercial components for Adobe Flex 2. has been created by an independent software
Introduction to the JDBC

Java Exception Thread

Open Source Agent Systems written in Java

Java Features
; Platform Independent The concept of Write-once-run-anywhere (known as the Platform independent) is one of the important key feature of java language... platform independent makes Java to outshine from other languages. The source code
Hello world (First java program)
Hello world (First java program)       Java is a high level programming language and it is used to develop the robust application. Java application program is platform independent
What is Java Swing?
What is Java Swing?       Here, you will know about the Java swing. The Java Swing provides the multiple platform independent APIs interfaces for interacting between the users
PHP Introduction

Java Jar File
Java Jar File       In Java, JAR (Java ARchive) is a platform-independent file format that allows you to bundle a Java applet and its requisite components (.class files, images
NTail Code Management
: Multiple independent view support; each view hosting multiple log file
Java Interpreter
Java Interpreter       We can run Java on most platforms provided a platform must has a Java interpreter. That is why Java applications are platform independent. Java interpreter
VoIP User
VoIP User          VoIP User-The Voice of IP telephony This website is an independent information guide dedicated to the subject of Voice IP telephony over
of the independent and royalty-free Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE
What is a Project?
Before understanding 'Project Management' in detail, the first thing one should know is, what is a Project? A project is an independent operation of an organisation that is distinctive in nature with the ongoing business operations
What is Servlet in Java?
Servlets are preferred by developers who are working on developing Server side programs and applications as it has platform-independent methods and do not have the limitations of CGI programs. This makes the programs and application
question  why java is platform independent in nature
Open Source Java Database
is a standards based (JDBC 3.0 and SQL 99 compliant), platform independent, footprint... independent, footprint size database that can be embedded into any application
Learn Servlet Life Cycle
Learn Servlet Life Cycle Servlet is a Java programming language class that provides a component-based, platform-independent method to create web based applications to enhance the functionality of web server. If we talk about Servlet
servlets - Servlet Interview Questions
servlets  why servlets can call server-independent
What is Data Scientist?
Data science though has been perceived many a time as synonymous to computer science itself, it is now widely recognized and practiced as an independent discipline within the broad spectrum of computer science. Data science
Different JRE
Different JRE  Java is platform independent. The why different JRE's there for differen operating systems
sax parser for xml
sax parser for xml  sax parser code that works with any XML i.e independent of any XML to extract data from XML
Flex basic
Flex basic  Hi.... can you tell me about Is Flex OS specific or operating system independent? please give the description about it....... Thanks
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