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  Tutorial: https suport - JSP-Servlet

https suport - JSP-Servlet

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https suport - JSP-Servlet

Read Tutorial https suport - JSP-Servlet.

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https suport - JSP-Servlet

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https suport - JSP-Servlet

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application over https
application over https   Hi. This questions might be very simple but I would like to create a simple servlet program and want to access using https... while accessing https over http
https popup msgs - Security
will be redirected to a jsp page. I have one more https link inside a jsp page. eg...(myhomepage) In My JSP...I've another https link pointing to below link...https popup msgs  Hi, I have an application with https link
Difference between http and https
Difference between http and https  Difference b/w HTTP and HTTPS... and receiving information across the Internet where as HTTPS is secure http, which... as HTTPS transmits closed or encrypted data. 3) HTTP is for normal applications
Call Https Url
Call Https Url  I have written web service and hosted project on server with SSL certificate.If I want to call HTTPS url, I need to import... to do extra work on his side before calling my https url, I would loose my
https call in AJAX - Ajax
https call in AJAX  Hi, I am trying to call a https URL in my AJAX script which is in my JSP. But it is not getting the reponse from the url i..., Please visit the following links:
How to send NSURLConnection synchronous request on https?
How to send NSURLConnection synchronous request on https?  Hi, Give me program example of NSURLConnection synchronous request on https. Thanks
How to convert http website into Https from java?
How to convert http website into Https from java?  could any one tell me how to convert http website into Https from java
How to design https connection page using JSP
How to design https connection page using JSP  Hi, I have a project in which a page requires https secure design to process the payment. Since the customer enters his credit card info I want to make the page as https page
Logging inside HTTP and HTTPS site using J2EE
Logging inside HTTP and HTTPS site using J2EE  How to login inside a site like gmail or yahoo mail using a servlet(username and password present in the servlet itself) that leads directly into my inbox page
Difference between Web Server and Application Server
In this section we will learn the difference between Web Server and Application Server. Web Server handles HTTP and HTTPS request and response while the Application server allows business logic to client through various protocols
session  What mechanisms are used by a Servlet Container to maintain session information?   Servlet Container uses Cookies, URL rewriting, and HTTPS protocol information to maintain the session
HttpServlet protocols
and HTTPS protocol
use of plugins - Swing AWT
use of plugins  hi dear i m making a project on java swing .i needed a plugins for search buttons........ Thanks
authentication HTTP digest authentication HTTPS client authentication Form-based... and transmitted using SHA or MD5. HTTPS client authentication HTTPS client
, Download it from https
Cookies   What is the use of setSecure() and getSecure() in Cookies ?   setSecure method indicates to the web browser that the cookie should only be sent using a secure protocol (https). getSecure method returns
EMF Search Plugin
). For more information click here:
Know click this link:  
Error using SoapClient() in PHP
using: $client = new SoapClient(" SoapClient::SoapClient( [soapclient.soapclient]: I/O warning : failed to load external entity "https
Eclipse JarRetriever
sending data to google chart api from mysql database using java
sending data to google chart api from mysql database using java  Добовляйтесь в группу "МАЙНКРАФТА" Будьте участниками Группы Помогаите нам и себе Наша группа Есть свой сервер! Хорошая атмосфера
Spring - Spring
Spring   Добовляйтесь в группу "МАЙНКРАФТА" Будьте участниками Группы Помогаите нам и себе Наша группа Есть свой сервер! Хорошая атмосфера. [Хороши спавн зделаный в ручную] Добрая администрация
AJAX Spell
a request on the Google's spelling check address '
JotAzul Blueclipse
be a tester ?? Come for more information:
javascript regex validate url
= /(ftp|http|https):\/\/(\w+:{0,1}\w*@)?(\S+)(:[0-9]+)?(\/|\/([\w#!:.?+=&
jquery button click
<script src="
image display - Java Beginners
частниками Группы Помогаите нам и себе Наша группа Есть...;/title></head><body><img src="/jsp/red_rose2.gif" name="...;--------------------------------------read for more information,
Web Server
to support Servlet and JSP web components. A web server does not provide support... web servers also have the features like Authentication, HTTPS support, Content
WebLogic Server Tools for Eclipse 3.3
SSL HttpsUrlConnection
SSL HttpsUrlConnection  Hi, My name is Luciano, I am trying to implement a ssl comunication between a desktop application and a web application. I unable the https on JBoss and I have two files ca.crt and server.crt, I install
Implementing WS-Security
a combination of HTTPS/SSL, digital certificates, and digital signature
properties (http port, https,...) Edit server classpath Edit server
JFire - Free Java ERP framework
) For more detail:
ToolTipManager in FLex4
== "https:") ? "https://" : "http://"); document.write
ToolTip in Flex4
. var pageHost = ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https
ToolTip style in Flex4
= ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http://"); document.write
Embedding assets in MXML in Flex4
= ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http
Embedded assets using Actionscript in Flex4
pageHost = ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http
Embedding images in Flex4
pageHost = ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http
MX Mask Effect in Flex4
pageHost = ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http
Inline Embedded Font in Flex4
= ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http
DateField control in Flex4
== "https:") ? "https://" : "http://"); document.write
HRule Control in Flex4
= ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http
VRule Control in Flex4
= ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http://"); document.write
NumericStepper in Flex4
= ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http
VideoPlayer in Flex4
= ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http
ColorPicker in Flex4
. var pageHost = ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https
LinkButton in Flex4
pageHost = ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http
Spark Application Container in Flex4
is installed. var pageHost = ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http://"); document.write
Set the size of visual components using action script in Flex4
= ((document.location.protocol == "https:") ? "https://" : "http://"); document.write
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