Tutorial: iPhone Splash Screen

iPhone Splash Screen

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In this example, I'm going to show you how to create splash screen in iphone apps. The motto behind showing splash screen is to show something until and unless the application loads properly.

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iPhone Splash Screen

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iPhone Splash Screen

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splash screen
splash screen  What is splash screen and how can i set splash screen in iphone??   hello, if you want to launch splash screen then add... splash screen will show launching time
splash screen time delay iphone
splash screen time delay iphone  How can i delay the splash screen?   How to delay splash screen in iPhone/iPad/ Objective C Splash scree... that can be put inside applicationDidFinishLaunching method to delay the splash screen
iPhone Splash Screen
iPhone Splash Screen In this example, I'm going to show you how to create splash screen in iphone apps. The motto behind showing splash screen is to show... folder of my application.. that's it! iPhone Splash Screen Code: Download Here
Splash Screen in Java Swing
Splash Screen in Java Swing This Java tutorial chapter explain you how to create and implement the splash screen using Java Swing. The Java Swing splash... a swing splash screen in Java. The Java splash screen will get disappeared on its own
iPhone Capturing Screen SDK
iPhone Capturing Screen SDK  Creating an application to capture the screen shots from iPhone. In objective c is there any class that make it enable..?   UIGraphicsBeginImageContext(CGSizeMake(480,320)); UIImage* result
iphone login screen
iphone login screen  Hi i need solution of below question if any one... Mode The App will begin with the Login Screen, The screen should be having same functionality as any website
while playing youtube in iphone appliation, coming black screen in iphone project?
while playing youtube in iphone appliation, coming black screen in iphone project?  while playing youtube in iphone appliation, coming black screen in iphone project
window addsubview remove in iPhone
window addsubview remove in iPhone  Hi, How to add a splash screen or some other view and then remove it and add new view. I want program for iPhone and iPad. Thank you.   Hi, To add a new view you can use following
  with   the   Login   Screen,   The   screen   should   be   having
The iPhone is a touch screen phone launched by Apple Inc in 2007 that has... it was easily the most advanced touch screen smartphone around. And with the iPhone 3G... iPhone      
What is iPhone
?oops, screen!   Mail me: The iPhone supports many popular email... from the iPhone Home screen. Lightening quick 3G and Wi-Fi ensure there is no lag... What is iPhone      
The isTouch Screen on the iPad a Convenient Feature
that is similar to that of what another Apple product, the iPhone, uses. It is a screen...The Touch Screen on the iPad is a Convenient Feature One of the best features that the Apple iPad has is its ability to work with a touch screen
iphone popover controller
but it is not supported for iPhone application due to difference in screen size. Anyhow we can open the popup in iPhone applications...iphone popover controller  How can i enable the popover in my iPhone
iPhone Advantages and Disadvantages
advanced touch screen smartphone around. And with the iPhone 3G, Apple Inc had...: Multi Touch Screen: The iPhone 3G is all touch and no buttons. Isn't... iPhone Advantages and Disadvantages   
Tips & Tricks
;   Splash Screen in Java 6.0 Splash screens... starts to get the behavior of splash screen. But to get the output, Java run time... 6 allows an application to show a splash screen even before the Java runtime
Hire iPhone developer
Hire iPhone developer - Hire iPhone developers in India Apple?s iPhone is superior to all smart phones but developing applications for iPhone is not an easy... analytical skills. As iPhone is a newly developed communication-cum-multitasking
Iphone keypad app
Iphone keypad app The given sample "Iphone keypad app" is going to show you how to hide keyboard or number pad and return to the actual screen. We... hide the keyboard on click anywhere on the screen.   Generally whenever
iPhone apps developer
iPhone apps developer With the launch of Apple's innovative product iPhone... connection and advanced multimedia devices with touch screen and virtual.... After getting authority to develop applications for iPhone or iPhone apps
Offshore iPhone Development
Offshore iPhone Development With the evolution of Apple's iPhone (internet... marketing owner of iPhone - has first time introduced unique integrated features... application software for iPhone and stored on iTune - Apple's multimedia
Web Development for iPhone
on the wonder phone. We also keep lesser content viewing the smaller screen of iPhone... Web Development for iPhone Developing Web apps for iPhone or any other... for desktop. A web app for iPhone needs special characteristics and developers must
iphone Image Move
iphone Image Move In this tutorial will learn how to use Image View into view... or screen. Here am going to create my project based on View Based Application... two image View and will allow it to move by click on screen. Final View
Car Music Streaming via iPhone Bluetooth, iphone Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Stream iPhone Music in Car Using Bluetooth One of the nicest features Apple added in its iPhone 3.0 release is the ability to stream music from the iPhone to the Car audio using Bluetooth. If your car has a supported Bluetooth
iphone  hiii, how can we use table recursively in iphone
iPhone Application Development,Mobile iPhone Application Development,iPhone Porting Solutions
screen iPod and a advance Internet device. Apple introduced the iPhone... iPhone Application Development Services Rose India iPhone Application Development Services iPhone 3G is Apple developed smartphone
Screen Capture
Screen Capture  How to capture the screen using jsps and servlets
New Gmail Version for iPhone from Google, New iPhone Gmail, iPhone 3.0 Gmail
New Gmail for Apple iPhone Google launched the new version of its popular email service Gmail for the iPhone with a host of specially designed features..., delete so you need not press browse through multiple screen presses. What?s more
iphone  How can connect with the other database in iphone application(like... MYsql or oracle) is this dirctly possible
iphone  hello... i want to make first iphone application . How can i make it plz help me
iPhone Game Applications Development, iPhone Game Porting Services, iPhone Game Designing
their fun. Another superb iPhone feature is the touch screen, which is especially... iPhone Game Applications Development iPhone Game Development... the way we listen to music and download it, the iPhone has revolutionalized mobile
Screen shot
Screen shot  webpage screenshot source code
Best iPhone Accessories and Attachments
the iPhone touch screen experience, using our dirt-laden fingers, leaving behind big... iPhone Screen Puffs to wipe off your fingerprints, and that too without engaging... iPhone features on a wide screen while you drive. And yes, it's a way safer option
iPhone Application Development
because of the relatively smaller screen size vis-à-vis a PC. iPhone SDK... iPhone Application Development       The Apple iPhone is a great device that supports a host
iPhone 3G FAQ
iPhone 3G FAQ       If you are looking for answers to all your iPhone queries and doubts, look no further. We offer simple, straightforward answers to all the iPhone questions
Screen Capture
Screen Capture  Hi deepak, I am trying to take a screen shot using java script Activex object. But Iam getting Automation server cant create object exception .how can i solve
iPhone Troubleshooting Guide
. You will automatically return to the main screen. Issue: iPhone battery icon... iPhone Troubleshooting Guide       The iPhone is a pretty stable and robust smartphone
iPhone 3.0 is finally here!
iPhone 3.0 is finally here!   ... of the hugely popular iPhone has finally come out with the third OS instalment for the iPhone. The popular features like MMS, SMS forwarding and others
iPhone Apps Designing Services
iPhone Apps Designing Services In mid 2007, Apple introduced smart internet based mobile phone (iPhone) that runs on Macintosh operating system. The Apple's iPhone is enabled with different sorts of web apps stored into iTune



iPhone 3G Comparison
of 2.6 inch as compared to the iPhone's wide 3.5 inch screen, the Nokia N95 offers... iPhone 3G Comparison       When the iPhone was first launched in 2007 it was one of the few
Screen flashing
Screen flashing  Hey I am trying to make my screen flash (like a white flash as if from a camera). This is my code so far: <html> <... I want is that I want the screen to flash white when a link is clicked. Thanks
Website design for iphone
Website design for iphone When the iPhone was first revealed it was certainly a step forward in mobile phone technology. The iPhone is an internet-connected, multimedia smartphone
Fring Application for Apple iPhone
New Version of Fring for iphone Apple has developed new version of Fring... can be used on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod Touch. Fring facilitates.... The users can move Fring settings to the general iPhone settings, so there?s no need
iPhone Mobile Software Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development, iPhone Design Services and Solutions
, touch screen, GPS, 3G to name just a few. Using our iPhone web solutions iPhone...iPhone Mobile Software Development iPhone Application Design and Development Company India iPhone applications of all types are in great
All iPhone Tips and Tricks
experience has featured the shift key press option on the iPhone multi-touch screen... when you unlock your iPhone. The sensor will brighten the screen automatically... All iPhone Tips and Tricks     
iPhone Development in 2009
their phone to play some or the other game. The iPhone with its 3.5-inch wide screen... iPhone Development in 2009       The iPhone, Apple Inc's latest gadget is already a craze
iPhone Baby Name App, iPhone Baby Name, Baby Names application for iPhone
?mt=8 iPhone baby Names application screen shot...iPhone Baby Name App - World Baby Names Free iPhone Baby Name
difference between touch screen and non touch screen
difference between touch screen and non touch screen  code wise ,what is a difference between touch screen and non touch screen in J2ME
difference between touch screen and non touch screen
difference between touch screen and non touch screen  what is a difference between touch screen and non touch screen in J2ME (code wise
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