Tutorial: J2ME HELP - Java Server Faces Questions

J2ME HELP - Java Server Faces Questions

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J2ME HELP - Java Server Faces Questions

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J2ME HELP - Java Server Faces Questions

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J2ME HELP - Java Server Faces Questions

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j2me  Hi,i create a project using lwuit in netbeans 6.9 for motorola MC75 device i want to know how can i connect this application with remote server... recieve data in xml.Plz help Thanks, Gaurav
Upload image to the server in J2ME?
Upload image to the server in J2ME?  HI Team, I am new to the j2me and now I am working on the program that, upload captured image to the server by using j2me. I did this by using simulator but when I made hit from the mobile
j2me  I need fifth sem MCA mobile computing lab programs using j2me. i m beginner for j2me and i want to know how to run j2me programs. pls help
J2ME  Dear Sir, Am beginner of j2me am asking so many times but still now i didn't get a reply for you...I want source code to scan a image and upload to server in j2me also QR Code decoding in j2me thanks and regards
j2me  Hi, i'm working eclipse j2me for Symbian development. i want a combo box use like a scroll bar type. when we are using combo box to a column... for all cells how it is possible....can anyone help me
j2me   Hi, In my j2me application I have used canvas to display an image in fullscreen.In the image there are four points( rectangular areas ). Now I...? give a sample example. Please help me giving some idea. Thanks in advance
in J2ME language for Symbian developing. so please help me...J2ME  What is the source code for Mortgage Calculator. using text fields are home price,loan amount,down payments,down payment percent, Annual tax
J2ME connectivity to ms access
J2ME connectivity to ms access  How to establish client server connectivity to access ms access database on the server side? I have made the odbc connection. Plz help me in the coding part.. Dont know how to start
difference between the APp server and the web server in detail - Servlet Interview Questions
difference between the APp server and the web server in detail  Can just explain the difference between the web server and the app server. thanks for the help dude.  Hi Please Follow this link to found your query
XML Parsing Using Sax Parser in J2ME for serverside
XML Parsing Using Sax Parser in J2ME for serverside  Hai team, i have doubt in Parsing using sax parser in serverside plz help me for xml parsing in j2me using sax parser on server side thanks in advance... regards Selva
How to access (MySQL)database from J2ME?
How to access (MySQL)database from J2ME?  I am new to J2ME. I am using NetBeans. Can anyone help me? How to access (MySQL)database from J2ME? ( I.... But for running servlet required web server. Is that any another way? ) Please
J2ME -- Stream video from a udp server - MobileApplications
J2ME -- Stream video from a udp server  HI, I wanted to develope a mobile application in j2ME to stream video from a udp server by providing the Ip address of the server and the port no. to connect to and using the UDP protocol
Help  Hi; Can anyone help me to solve this errors. I use J2ME(wirlesee Toolkit 2.5.2. for CLDC Project "SlideImageMIDlet" loaded Project settings saved Building "SlideImageMIDlet" C:\Documents and Settings\???? ?????\j2mewtk
upload value to php server in getmethod in j2me
upload value to php server in getmethod in j2me  Dear Team, I successfully capture image and decode that image, here i have one doubt after... method to php server in j2me can you give some tips for me... Thanks and Regards
J2ME - MobileApplications
J2ME  Hi I want to know how I can downlload J2ME programming and if ypu have any idea about it please help me. Thank  Hi Friend, Please visit the following links: http://www.roseindia.net/j2me/ http
Help needed for J2me and PHP - Development process
Help needed for J2me and PHP  Hello Sir I am a degree student. I have a small CRM application using J2me and PHP. I want to do cryptography using... but could not get result. I will appreciate your help. Regards
j2me - MobileApplications
j2me  Hi, I have developed a midlet application in j2me now i want... file then it will install. Please help me how to install it to nokia mobile from my WAP site link. Thanking for your kind help friends.  Hi friend
J2ME - MobileApplications
J2ME  Hi, I wanted to ask that if i want to add Select Language option in my mobile application, can i do that and if yes how? Also if its possible... some code for it. Please help me
j2me - MobileApplications
j2me  good evening. I would like to ask you how to link audio and video?I m doing this for final project.I would like to ask you send me an example of the coding for help me for the project.I would like to heard from you very
j2me - MobileApplications
j2me  Hi Deepak, Thank for u earlier suggestion.But i need its date and time when the file was created.But i got solution... u please help ? Regards susmitha
j2me database question
j2me database question  **Is there any possibility to install a database into the mobile. If possible how can i connect it through midlet(j2me)** pls help me
how a write a server side progranming in j2sdk for j2me application
how a write a server side progranming in j2sdk for j2me application  ... Server type. so,i want to ask you, 1)How i am establish Msoffice Database connectivity. 2)How do i write a server side(servlet)program in j2me
j2me - JSP-Servlet
j2me  I want a mobile version of my portal . How can I do that ? Will I need J2ME knowledge ?I fit is needed then please give me the link to connect to the internet server by j2me application
Emulator for j2me in eclipse
Emulator for j2me in eclipse  I want to run J2me application in eclipse. For that i need an emulator..but i can not get it any how. Please help me
j2me code - MobileApplications
j2me code  Hi Roseindiamembers, I want immediate help from you for "how to extract picture taken and date and time in j2me midlet?" Thanks in advance Regards susmitha
j2me database - MobileApplications
j2me database  hi can anyone tell is there any possibility of connecting database in j2me application..if so, how can i connect it..please help me
j2me location updates programming
j2me location updates programming  kindly please, assist me with with a j2me code for obtaining and sending GPS location updates periodicaly to the server IE; LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, SPEED, TIME. Am using netbeans IDE and PHP
J2me Fonts - MobileApplications
J2me Fonts  hi ,i am doing my project in j2me..english to tamil dictionary is my title..i dont know how to integrate tamil fonts in j2me application..can anyone help me..i am in need of this idea very soon..please reply as soon
j2me- how to subtract time s in j2me???
and ISD of that selected country. As am new to this j2me... am looking for help...j2me- how to subtract time s in j2me???  hello everyone!! Am a final year student doing BCA!! I have taken up j2me as my project and am trying to do
J2ME project on handled device
J2ME project on handled device  Dear, I have been assigned with a J2ME project on handled device. Well i have a little bit knowledge about J2ME... on this project like client and server
J2ME password keeper
J2ME password keeper  Hi, how can i create a password keeper app in J2ME ? i want it to save the password of an email for an example then the user... to delete it. please help
Daemon process in j2me
Daemon process in j2me  i want to create daemon thread in j2me, can u help me in creating the midlet for that?   i mean, i want to create daemon process, which keeps on running and check if any sms has come
J2ME code hint - MobileApplications
J2ME code hint  I am required to make a mobile application... is 9th of March, 2009... If anyone can plz help me in this regard plz let me no... It should b in J2ME with Netbeans (if needed). Thnk u Sneha
J2me notes - MobileApplications
J2me notes  hi to all, i am a final year m.c.a student.i want to learn j2me.please inform to me. where i can have a j2me guide? thank u... will help you. The following link provide you whole running example with source code
j2me jdbc connection - JDBC
j2me jdbc connection  hello, whn i m importing sql package in mine midlet(tried for both javax.sql.* and java.sql.*;)..itz nt accepting it... hw to get connected to database?????.... plz help me out
j2me  i need more points about j2me
j2me  how to compile and run j2me program at command prompt
j2me  why we extends class MIDlet in j2me application
Help me
Help me  Hi, LWUIT is working in eclipse j2me for Symbian OS
j2me problem - SQL
j2me problem  Hi i hava a j2me (mobile application) having 3 forms each one having 4 fields(text box and dropdown ).i want to get the data from... with mobile app to pc.how get data from mobile to pc. please help me with example
j2me  how to use keylistener in j2m
j2ME  give a sample example for using key listener in j2ME for developing Symbian
J2ME  Hi, what is the source code for Mortgage Calculator in J2ME for Developing Symbian
j2me  hi, in j2me does any click events for developing Symbian.? and How to add click event for dynamically generated button in j2me on Symbian OS
J2me  How to run j2me program in Wireless tool kit   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: J2ME Tutorials Thanks
J2ME  how to create table using four field in RMS
J2ME  WHEN WILL repaint() of CustomItem will call automatically
j2me  Hi, how can add image in forms but using lick a button. does not using canvas in j2me for Symbian development
j2me  hi, i'm working emulator in j2me language, for Symbian OS (Nokia) development. then, what are the click events in this for developing the application.? Thank you
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