Tutorial: PHP File Handling

PHP File Handling

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PHP File Handling: PHP supports file handling with fclose, fopen, feof etc. functions. This tutorial will let you know about every facet of file handling. The table will introduce you with the various mode of file opening.

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PHP File Handling

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PHP File Handling

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PHP File Handling
PHP File Handling: Every language supports File handling, file handling has... file handling. PHP supports this feature using the following functions: i) ...): <?php $file=fopen("PHP.txt","r")or exit("
PHP Error handling
PHP Error handling Your application must have an error handling codes. Without it, it looks very unprofessional. PHP have following error handling methods... handling using set_error_handler() function as follows : <?php //error handler
PHP Error Handling Functions
can also write your own error handling functions in PHP. There is a bit.... Given are the types of PHP Error Handling Functions: die() method setting... the given error handling tutorial for example code. PHP Error Handling Example
exception handling in php - PHP
exception handling in php  i need few examples on exception handling in php
File Handling
File Handling  how we do file handling of parsed XML code bu DOM in java
File handling
File handling  how do i search for an occurance of a word in a file... in a file import java.io.*; import java.util.*; class FileOperations{ public static void main(String[] args)throws Exception{ int count=0; File f
php error handling function
php error handling function  Is there any library or function that can be used to handle errors in PHP
File handling in Java
File handling in Java  Hi, Can any one tell me the basics of File handling in Java? Thanks   Hi, File handling is very important... handling features in their api. You can read more at File Handling in Java
PHP function is_file() and example
bool_is_file function states whether the given file is regular file or not Syntax bool is_file(file_name) Example of PHP is_file() PHP Code <?php     $a=is_file("bb.txt");    
FILE HANDLING CONCEPT  Prompt the user to enter the name of a text file to search for. If the name does not end in a .txt extension, display an error message. Search for this file in the current directory. If the file does
FILE HANDLING CONCEPT  Write a program to read and write the details of an employee like year of joining, Department code, salary using some byte stream classes
PHP function is_uploaded_file() and example
Syntax for PHP is_uploaded_file() Function bool is_uploaded_file (file_name... POST protoocol or not. Example of PHP is_uploaded_file() Function Code of PHP is_uploaded_file() Function <?php     $b1
PHP Error handling
PHP Error handling: PHP provides so many techniques to handle error, if error occurs an error message is send to the browser. Error handling should... application. In this tutorial you will come to know about different handling methods
FILE HANDLING CONCEPT   Write a program that reads input from the console in the form of a string. When the user enters a word called end, the program should stop reading from the console and print out the values that have been
FILE HANDLING CONCEPT   Write a program that reads input from the console in the form of a string. When the user enters a word called end, the program should stop reading from the console and print out the values that have been
File Handling in Java
File Handling in Java  Hi, While opening a file in Java developers... was trying to find some tutorials about handling file in Java on net. I have also seen... are the use of these classes? Is there example code for explaining the File Handling
java file handling
java file handling  enter string from keyboard and then read a file if this string is present in file then print message already exists else write this string to file
Excel file Handling in Java
Excel file Handling in Java  Hello Sir, I am new to Java, I have Started Java Core by myself. I want to make a project which include 3-4 Excel file to handle.Please explain how to read and write Excel file in Java.Is it tough
PHP is_executable() Function and example
Syntax bool is_executable(file_name) Find the PHP is_executable() function states whether the given file is executable or not Example of PHP is_executable Fu Code <?php     if (is_executable("c
java file handling
java file handling  program to get values from textbox array and the write them to text files
File Handling - Java Beginners
File Handling  Thanks for replying me.. but i am sorry to say...; System.out.print("Enter the file name : "); name = br.readLine(); name = "d...{ File f; f= new File(name); if(f.exists()){ RandomAccessFile rand
java file handling
java file handling  Hi friends, My situation is i have file named "sample.conf" which contains more IP Adressess.Eg: the file contains "IP=" at some lines in the file. what i need to do is. i need to search
File Handling - Java Beginners
File Handling  I have written one program by which we can create a file , store any information in that,and resume that file using a user name and password.now my problem is that whenever i write datas into the file the previous
file handling - Java Beginners
file handling  assume two files are there- 1. with the quanity of he... manner. now write a progam in java and create another file which is having the amount required to purchase each item and at last read the newly created file
PHP function ftruncate and example
Syntax int ftruncate(file_handle,length) ftruncate function truncates the file content with the given length. And it returns the truncated file size. PHP ftruncate() Function Example Code <?php $file1=fopen("bb.txt","r
File Handling - Java Beginners
File Handling  Q. Write a java prg which accepts a list of existing text files from command line args & concatinate contents of all files...(e.getMessage()); } } }   its prg of copying file Check code
PHP  Exception Handling
PHP  Exception Handling PHP 5 has included a new way of error handling.... In PHP there are three blocks in Exception Handling : try, catch, and throw. i...; Code for PHP Exception Handling: PHP Exception Handling Example - 1 <?php
File Handling In Java
File Handling in Java In this section we will discuss about the file handling in Java. This section describes you about how to perform file handling in Java. In this section you will read what is file handling in Java, how to perform
PHP fseek() function and example
Syntax int fseek (file_handle ,offset [, whence ] ) It seeks the new position of the file pointer from old position. Then using the new position... with offset), SEEK_END (Makes position to EOF with offset ) Example of PHP
PHP duplicate file - PHP
PHP duplicate file   i wanted to duplicate a PHP file resides in different directory on submission
PHP set_file_buffer() function with example
Syntax for PHP set_file_buffer() Function set_file_buffer(file_handle,buffer) It sets the buffer of the given file_handler with the given size PHP set_file_buffer() Function with Example Code for PHP set_file_buffer() Function
File Handling Classes in Java
In this section, you will get to know about file handling classes in java to handle the file input output operations
exception handling code for file not found error..
exception handling code for file not found error..  How to do exception handling for file not found error
Java File Handling Test Results
Java File Handling Test Results   Is somebody able to help me with this Write a program to read each name from the file and prompt the user... FileNotFoundException { new File("team.html").delete(); Scanner scan = new
PHP fscanf() function and example
Syntax mixed fscanf file_handle,format_specifier [, mixed &$... ] ) fscanf() function reads the contents of the file according to the given.... But if two parameter is used then it returns array Example of PHP fscant
You can embedded PHP code into your html file and save it as .php or .php3...PHP PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor; PHP is server-side scripting language for development of web applications. PHP powerful and robust programming
Exception handling
Exception handling  how to resolve file not found error exception
PHP lstat() function and example
Syntax for PHP Istat() Function array lstat (file_name) PHP Istat() Function states about the regular file and symbolic file information PHP Istat() Function will returns the data in Array form PHP Istat() Function
AdminStrator handling
AdminStrator handling  Hi...Deepak,I want code for adminstrator like adminstrator can handle multiple clients i.e. if adminstrator is adding any file then making it available for all the clients.How to make this availability
PHP fwrite() Function & example
Syntax int fwrite ( file_handle ,data_string [,length ] ) fwrite() function writes to the file with the given data string by using the file handle... to the file. It returns FALSE if the file doesn't exist or if the file
Form handling
Form handling  I created a spring project. I created a jsp with the following code <%@ include file="/WEB-INF/jsp/include.jsp"%> <form:form name="loginForm" modelAttribute="loginForm" method="get"> <
unicode handling in java
unicode handling in java  reading a unicode text file in java
Java File Handling
File Handling in Java       File Handling in Java For file handling... In a file system, it gets input bytes from a file. FileOutputStream
php  how to write a program in php to create pdf file
php file search
php file search  How to search file in PHP .. $dir = '/tmp
php download file script
php download file script  PHP script to download file in IE
PHP is_writable Function with example
Syntax for PHP is_writable Function bool is_writable(file_name) It states whether the given file is a writable file or not. Example of PHP is_writable Function Code <?php     $a=is_writable("c
PHP glob() Function and example
Syntax array glob (pattern [, int $flags = 0 ] ) It matches the file and directories with the given pattern in the given path. After matching...; directories Code for glob() Function using in PHP Program <?php  
Example of fputs() function in PHP
. Example of PHP fputs() Function <?php     $file=fopen... Syntax It writes the given string or the variable to the file by using the file handler. It writes the data only up to the given length and stop writing
PHP function parse_ini_file() and example
Syntax of PHP parse_ini_file() Function It is used to parse ini file.ini.... of the ini file in array form PHP parse_ini_file() Function with Example Code For PHP parse_ini_file() Function make a sample.ini with the content 
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